Who can get away with tanning

  1. very dark skinned people
  2. people with unusually even skin tone
  3. people who are used to seeing themselves tanned
  4. when both partners are fairly similar in skin tone

I say this cautiously because when you make yourself a dark red colour and your skin is tired and wrinkled, it becomes difficult to do a pretty picture. Especially when you are wearing white and if your partner is the colour of snow. Further, if you are trying desperately to look slimmer and try a tan for the first time you might never look at the pictures and feel like you are looking at yourself.

Withdrawing a little of what I said

SO if you are a crazy girl in white and you have been following my blog. You will know how I harp on and on about not being too tanned on your wedding day. The reason being that the camera shows up the uneven skin tone which tanning causes and robs faces of their features. But this season I would like to withdraw some of what I said. And I do this cautiously ladies… but there are people who can get away with tanning. And I repeat SOME people.

Complex control – big ears

Big ears – another common complex for brides and grooms having their photo taken. There are several things that we can do to avoid those big sticky our ears, we all fear.

  1. The first is your hairstyle. Avoid all ‘up’ do’s and instead go with a nice, tidy hair down.
  2. Think about adding a hat (yes you grooms too!), or a big side flower in your hair, as a feature. A great cover and eye distracter.
  3. The best one for the boys – There are some great tricks your photographer can also use to help you. Go for side on profile pictures or 3/4 face on. By avoiding 100% face on, it will cut down the angles.
  4. Don’t wear stud earrings that stick to your ears. Instead consider long dangly earrings which will draw the attention away from your ears.

Complex control – a big nose

This must be the biggest request I ever get, “I am begging you, no profile pictures”. How sad that our society has so limited our concept of beauty.

Have some portraits done where a perfect pose can be found to minimize the size of your nose. If you just have only reportage images there will loads of profile images.

Quick Ceremony tips

  1. Remember to kiss your Dad goodbye at the alter
  2. Try and memorise your vowels if possible
  3. Organise a microphone if your venue is in a wide open space, or a big church. Also if you know that you speak particularly quietly. Whilst it is more important that you can hear eachother, your family and friends also want to hear you.
  4. Face eachother – it is easy to face the priest or celebrist

When you are putting on the ring – take a deep breath first to calm nerves. It will go on – so don’t worry about fumbling and making a muck of it. Also try not to cover the ring with your hand – you will want a close up of this photo, but it will be impossible for your photographer if hands are over the top.

Ensure that your priest or celebrist knows your full names and pronouncation like the back of his/her hand. This can save embarrassing muddle ups.

Reserve seats for family members in the first two seating rows. This can be done cutely with nice name cards (e.g Father of Bride, Mother of Bride…etc etc)

Organising your wedding abroad 5 quick tips

  1. Consider guest accommodation. The best option is to organise this through your wedding planner, and take advantage of group discounts. If you don’t have a wedding planner give a list of recommendations close to your venue with your invite, so guests know where to start looking.
  2. If you have free days – try and organise or suggest local group activities for your guests. (Boat trips, excursions and general sightseeing). This will help let all your guests get to know eachother, and create a great ‘on holiday’ group atmosphere
  3. Include local traditions or cultural symbols in your ceremony or reception, to tie the event to the location. It’s the little things that are memorable
  4. Always Always Always, research local ethics, rituals and cultural issues first
  5. Go over thoroughly with your planner, translator, interpreter, priest or celebrist your names and pronunciation. Make sure also that you can understand their accent, so that you familiarise yourselves with it.


To party or not to party after the reception

  1. A big decision for some, is whether they consider an after party, when the formal wedding reception is finished, or to make the formal reception a party as soon as dinner is finished. If you want to organise an after party…
  2. You have to look after yourself during the day if you want to be still standing for the party.
  3. Check venue after hours licenses for music and alcohol.
  4. Consider your plans for the next day. Are you having a breakfast or brunch?

Choosing (or not choosing) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  1. For people that you can’t include, create other important roles e.g giving a toast, a reading, giving out ceremony programs, party organising….
  2. Although in some cases it can be hard, try and select a group of people that all get along reasonably well.
  3. Try and have matching numbers in your bridal party e.g 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen
  4. Choose reliable, resourceful and calm people – you will be relying on them

Hints on Guest speeches

Choose very wisely who you ask to speak.

If you have lots of people (family or friend groups) that you want to speak, see if they can’t get together and present one speech on behalf of the group .

Don’t force people who you know aren’t confident speakers to give a speech. If they refuse on these grounds, it’s not because they love you any less. Perhaps they know they are doing you a favour.

Give time limits to people, and ask them to stick to them. Long speeches are never fun for anyone, and can put a real stop to the flow of your evening.

Funny speeches work, as long as no one is offended along the way – there is nothing better than a dining room full of people rolling on the fall laughing, as long as they are ALL laughing.

Ask guests for paper copies to for keepsakes (even rough ones)

Why not to let the rain spoil your day

  1. If you change your mindset, the rain can be a great excuse to get outside and be cheekily playful
  2. Pretty white umbrellas are a great accessory and prop. Make sure you buy one – just in case!
  3. You avoid all bright harsh sunlight and instead get perhaps a dramatic dark skyline, which looks fantastic in photos
  4. Let’s face it. Dolly Parton was right ‘if you wanna see the Rainbow – you gotta put up with the rain’
  5. Italians the culture of love – will always tell you, if you believe it ‘ Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata’. Traditions have it, that a wet bride is a lucky bride!

Choosing Flowers

  1. It is easy just to pick your favourite flowers as the flowers for your wedding, however there are a few other things to take into consideration. Don’t have your heart set on a type of flower, just because you have always loved it – some types of flowers were just never meant to be included in weddings!
  2. Something a lot of people forget to consider is the season that you are marrying in. Try and stick to flowers that are in the season of your location. Whilst there are alternatives (e.g importing), it becomes tricky and expensive.
  3. Go for types of flowers that last, and won’t droop immediately in heat. (your florist will be able to advise you
  4. Listen to your florist – it is their knowledge and expertise that you are paying for., and the good ones, know what will work best for your wedding style and taste
  5. Never fake them
  6. Think about your overall colour scheme of the day, and stick with flowers that suit these colours. Rather than choosing a large range of completely different flowers, by keeping to a theme, there will be consistency. For example flower themes for– bouquets, button holes, decorative and table setting arrangement
  7. Don’t mix and match florists for different items –eg pre order your bouquet online and then use a different florist for the decorations. Inconsistency will show
  8. Do a head count of people that will need flower pins on the day and order one extra just in case. (Groom, Groomsmen, Father & Mother of Bride and Groom and others that you wish to play a special part in your day
  9. If you are or your Groom have flower allergies – try them close to your skin and nose before the big day!

Considering Morning vs Afternoon….why afternoons can be better

  1. A relaxed bride and groom always makes for a better day for all. With an afternoon ceremony, you can take the morning to have a sleep in, a big walk and fresh air, and a decent breakfast.
  2. You can take your time getting ready, and will have no horrible early morning starts (which no-one really likes anyway!)
  3. You will enjoy the build up more during the morning (rather than being in a rush from 6am)..treasure you last few hours.
  4. With an afternoon ceremony, you give your guests more freedom and time to get themselves to your venue and organise parking. Allowing them to travel calmly will mean that everyone will already be on time and waiting for you at the ceremony venue!
  5. Afternoon sunlight is a lot more forgiving and gentle that harsh midmorning light. Your photographer will thank you for it, and your photographs will show the difference.
  6. Late afternoon is a also a lot cooler for you all, and there is more likelihood of a nice fresh breeze. No one wants to be a sweaty bride or groom
  7. One word….SUNSET!!

Things to watch out for when shopping on line

  1. Make sure they ship where you are before you even start shopping. It’s terribly sad to find a dress you can’t live without , only to discover that they will not sell it to you.
  2. Good on line shops show materials, measurements, different views ect.
  3. By searching on shopping blogs you will get great hints from other addicts
  4. Make sure what the rules are about returning items, some shops implement dead lines
  5. Remember if you are in Europe and you buy from Victoria Secret (USA) you are going to get a tax to pay for importing when the goods arrive. So although the price might seem cheap remember this tax and shipping. All Saints (my all time favorite) offers free shipping.