Wedding in Naples

Who gets married in Naples? Italians who were born there and love the place but a man with an artistic bride might see it’s chaotic beauty. The saying goes see Naples and die. After the book Gomorrah I think a lot of people were put off coming to Naples but I am the wrong person to ask since I am South Africa. Johannesburg makes Naples seem quite tame. Tame it’s not, but well worth visiting. And although I usually dread the weddings in Naples because of the chaos, they have some of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. They also have amazing venues and the price is right. But it is a crazy place, you can’t run around flashing your gold Rolex and not expect at least a good hard slap. Either you love Naples or you hate it. I like it in doses and I would only go in with someone who knows were they are going. One can end up in dodgy neighbourhoods without even trying.  And again come to me for reliable contacts for Naples wedding planners.

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Wedding in Puglia

I have only done two weddings in Puglia but I have to say I was very impressed. The towns and landscapes are gorgeous. The sea is a startling colour and things are fairly priced. Easy to get to because of the Bari airport. Both weddings I did were held at Masseras (which is an old farm estate). The architecture is wonderfully simple and graphic. Hinting to Greek and North Africa architecture. I found the people to be very friendly and on both occasions there was not a hitch in organisation or service. If you would like to put in contact with an Italian wedding planner who does weddings in Puglia just contact us.

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Wedding in Ravello

After having worked in almost all of Italy, I decided I wanted to settle in Ravello. The reason is simple, I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. It’s half village half garden, suspended in the sky over looking the sea from mountain cliffs. It’s safe, with no cars, just steps and it has the most beautiful colours all year round. The spring is filled with cherry blossoms and fire flies. Summer has many flowers, music and balmy nights, Autumn is a flame with reds and oranges . Winter has a magic solitude which sparkles in silvers and blues. I can write endless sonnets but you would still have no idea of how beautiful the place is.

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Wedding in Tuscany

After the book (and movie) under a Tuscan Sun, Tuscany has become even more popular. It’s romantic, rustic and the food is some of the best in the world. You will find it a hard task to have a bad meal or drink bad wine. The weather is very hot but the atmosphere and style is very individual. Tuscany really responds well to being shot in black and white. Tuscany is perfect though a little mild for my taste. The Tuscan people are lovely people like fresh warm bread. The salami, truffles, cheese, steak, and wine are all world famous. I also believe that the prices are very competitive compared to the rest of Italy. I recommend hiring a huge villa with garden and swimming pool, it will be cheaper than many hotel rooms.

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Wedding in Mykonos

I have shot just one wedding in Mykonos and it was one of my favourites ever. I think that is because the weddings which turn into big parties are the best. Mykonos is the island of partying and decadence . Therefore it stands to reason that weddings in Mykonos are fun. You are almost guaranteed of good weather and the food is divine. You have to love a place where the shops stay open till three n the morning. The shops are also unusual and fresh. What amazed me the most is how clean the place is. I mean the place is full of revellers all night long and the most you find is bougainvillea flowers on the floor. I do want to repeat, do not go in August.

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