What every Bride really wants on her wedding day – part one

Each and every time a bride has ever had a nuclear melt down it has been because she did not like something about her appearance. She may have tried to cover up seeking a scapegoat like the colour of the flowers but nearly always it’s because of insecurity.

Brides fantasise about how they will look down to the finest details. In fantasies things can be perfect and in reality they cannot. Naturally this nearly leads to great disappointment. Every bride, even if she will not admit it, wants to be perfectly beautiful.

My Favourite restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

Please note that if your restaurant is not on my list this may be only because I have not had a chance to eat there yet. Either that or you gave me food poisoning. Or you may be in part two.

Restaurant Villa Cimbrone

Via Santa Chiara 26, 84010 Ravello (+39) 089 85 80 72

Rossellinis – Palazzo Avino

Via San Giovanni del Toro, 27, Ravello (+ 39) 089 818181

Restaurant Hotel Palumbo

Via San Giovanni del Toro, 16 ?84010 Ravello ?Phone: +39(089)857244

Ristorante Marina Grande

Viale della Regione, 4, 84011 Amalfi (+39) 089871129

Da Salvatore

Via della Repubbliche 2, Ravello, (+39) 089-857227

Ristorante Al Palazzo

via dei Mulini, 23 84017 POSITANO (+39) 089 875 177

La Tagliata

via Tagliata, 22, 84017 Positano (+39) 089 875 872


Corso Garibaldi, 36, 84010 Cetara (+39) 0892.61606

Le Palme Ristorante Pizzeria

Via Supportico Marinella, Atrani (+39) 089871495

Al Pesce D’Oro

Via Giovanni Agustariccio, Amalfi (+39) 089-831231

Ristorante San Pietro

Piazzetta San Francesco 2, 84010 Cetara (+39) 089261091

Le Terrazze

Via grotte dell’incanto, 51 84017 POSITANO (+39) 089 875 874


“Mamma Agata” – cooking school – Ravello

Mamma Agata was voted the number one thing to do on the Amalfi coast by “Tripadvisor”. “Tripadvisor” is a site which rates travel services purely on public ratings.

“Mamma Agata” is like a character out of an Italian art movie. Chiara & “Mamma Agata” run a fun cooking school for anyone who wants to better their Italian cuisine techniques. They have also published their first cookbook, which means you can take home these culinary spells. They are delightful and full of juicy titbits to enrich your visit to Ravello. One has the impression that they adore sharing their kitchen with new visitors.

Italians are a tribe of pleasure seekers and their number one drug of choice is food. Mamma Agata’s cooking school is about more than just cooking; it’s about pleasure too. Oh and they also do intimate weddings for clients who share their choice of pleasure.

Piazza S. Cosma, 9, 84010 Ravello, Italy tel +39 089 857019


Wedding Photography in Italy – part two

Australian and American wedding photographers are exploring all sorts of new ways to go best canadian pharmacy to buy viagra about wedding photography. Some of the best reportage wedding photographers in the world come from Italy. Italian photographers are masters of technique but they are generic viagra from canada a little resistant to change and new ideas. We are yet is it legal to bye viagra from canada to see new and original ideas that push the boundaries a bit. Hang in there they are coming soon to an Italian Wedding Photographer near you.

If I have offended generic version of xenical any Italian wedding photographer, I apologise and humbly request you have a look at the winning pictures on the “International Society for Professional Wedding Photographers”. Then I hope you will feel stimulated instead of irritated. And you will note there are a few Italians among them, though always doing reportage.


Wedding Photography in Italy – part one

Firstly lowest-price propecia costs us I want to make it quite clear that Italian wedding photographers are the best in the world. The below, in no way disputes this fact, I know what a touchy bunch artists are. All clear? Good. (Please don’t slash my car tyres.)

I hate to say it, viagra new york but during the eighties and nineties wedding photography in Italy was really scary or at best, embarrassing. You can see the after effects of the torture inflicted in online order xenical the eyes of young Italian couples. “PLEASE, no posing,” they beg. So naturally everybody flung themselves onto the other side of the scales. Reportage is the only style most Italian photographers and clients want to see. There are very few who are mixing reportage with fashion and portraiture canadian pharmacies that sell pfizer viagra photography.


What makes JoAnne Dunn Photographers Different?

They treat each wedding they way they would treat a commercial assignment. We seek direction from the client and do not limit ourselves to only one style of photography. The couple are sent a form about a week before their wedding. This will be their brief to us describing their vision and fancies.  Each wedding is approached individually to make sure the results are as individual as our clients. After the wedding we send you around nine hundred great pictures to choose from. You send us your choices and we create your album. We then put the album on line for you to approve. The clients are involved in the creative process and their album creation from beginning to the end. JoAnne Dunn Photographer’s are different because they understand their clients are all different and want different things. We are different because we put your vision before our own.


Let’s talk a little about bridal make-up

Unless you are a child bride, stay way from crystally shimmery powders if you want to look young and dewy. They are the number one wrinkle enhancer. Today women are getting married later in life and need to look fresh and smooth. Choose matt soft pinks for cheeks and eyes. Instead of false eyelashes get eyelash extensions. They look much better and no yucky glue. You know the rules; eyes are accentuated or the lips, never both. Personally I prefer a thin black or brown line on the upper eyelid and a naked pink on the lips. But if you have a red bouquet naturally you need red lips and very little else. Choose a long lasting stain to achieve the red or all the kissing will leave you looking like someone punched you in the mouth.

The Relationship between the photographer and her subject

The relationship the photographer has with their subject will hugely influence the results of the shoot. Basically if your photographer can’t bear you, then their pictures will reflect that. This can be used to your advantage, taking the time to bond  with your photographer before or on the day will radically improve your pictures. Never choose someone who you feel you can’t trust. Trust is vital if you are to be yourself in front of the lense. Because you will need to let your photographer into your world and because you will need to follow their suggestions, you will need to trust them. So it’s a two way street, you have to also really like and trust your photographer to get great pictures.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 04

Oil has always been used to accentuate the body. But unless you have rippling muscles and even then, I highly recommend you go easy on the oil. Sprinkling water over andoiled body can look good but again only if you are not too bumpy and dimply.

Here we go again with the tanning debate. Yes during the day on the beach we do look better with a bit of colour. And although I generally prefer models who are not too tanned, a little colour with boudoir photography is acceptable. But I generally prefer working with the skin colour girls are born with. The reason is that the camera tends to accentuate the uneven skin tones caused by sun tanning. The older you are the greater these differences are. There are some girls who can tan evenly but there is one in every hundred I shoot.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 03

Another trick is to be lying down. We all look a lot better on our backs. Seriously, gravity pulls all the extra bits down and even the face become more attractive. The floor also offers a great prop for creating sexy lines like those produced by an arching back.

High heels are another great way to improve your boudoir images. High heels not only give your legs more length, they also give your great calf muscles and make you walk up straight.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 02

Practise, practise, practise makes perfect. They day of the shoot is the wrong day to try out new poses. You need to keep a scarp book of poses you like, taking into consideration your complexes.

What exactly is good posture? Well we are not talking about the posture you do in finishing school. Bottom and breasts out, tummy in and head lift as though it’s been pulled by a cord at the base of the neck. Nearly everybody benefits from lifting  their chin a little, it removes annoying double chins.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 01

When I was a young struggling photographer, I earned a little cash on the side by doing portfolios for strippers in London. They taught me so much about posing. The most important thing I learnt was about posture. There is not a single thing which will improve your looks as quickly as standing correctly.

Stretching your body and accentuating the S shape of your body will pull your curves into position. It will also smooth out lumps and bumps.

Very few humans have breasts which look good dangling down when you are on all fours. Maybe if you are wearing a push up bra it could work but if you are naked they tend to look silly. Instead lie on your tummy, support yourself on your elbows , bend your knees and cross your ankles. This is a very flattering pose and modest too.

The facts about our video service.

One has to make a decision about what is most important to you; video or photography. Unless you want your wedding day to overnight turn out to be a full on production, you have to give priority to one. To do a high quality video you need, a hair mike and a sound guy, two video operators (one with a tripod and one with a steady cam) and a lot of time. Video takes more time than photography because you snap a picture and it’s done. Video you have to let time pass. When video services are provided at this level it will cost as much if not more than photography services.

It is very difficult to shoot a wedding properly when two videographers are pushing you out the way. We offer a discreet backstage reproduction of the day with as little fuss as possible. Our studio gives priority to the photography. However if the videography is more important to you we also offer HD video services.

Should I allow my guests to photograph?

It’s sad when one can’t take portraits of people in the church or at cocktail hour because they have camera’s in front of their faces. Often they shoot with those disposable cameras and the pictures won’t be that good anyway. Then you get the semi pros who have the same or better equipment than me that always manage to be between myself and the couple during important moments. They also often get furious if I politely ask them to move over. They upset the priest because they are not aware of how strict the Italian church is. Then the priest gets angry with me because they think the guy with the big gun must be with me. I work hard on my relationship with the priests because if you get a bad wrap they clamp down on one.

I have never had the courage to do what many other photographers do and ban all other shooters. However if you are buying all the pictures on dvd, there will be plenty of pictures of everyone and some really nice portraits of the guests. If you can ban cameras, at least in the church when you can blame the priest.

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part three

Be prepared to pose and practise posing. Make a scrapbook of images you like and poses you like. Practise these and share them with me so that we are prepared and on the same page. As I have mentioned creativity is the art of play. If you don’t come ready to play the result will be a painful fruitless exercise and you would have wasted your money. Most people have little experience of posing and on a shoot is not a good time to try for the first time.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits.  Can you tell which are which?

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part two

Give me time to test and check. Time to set up lights and time to move to different locations. In other words come with patience. Which brings me to co-operation. Models have to follow instructions and do so quickly without the need of convincing. By being co-operative you shorten the time required. You can’t see what I can and so you need to trust me when I give you suggestions. We both want gorgeous pictures. That is why it’s important that you have similar taste to your photographer.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits. Can you tell which are which?

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part one

The first thing you need to insure is that you give me more time to work. That is the number one big difference between the quality of the two types of photographs. Even better if your fashion portraits are shot on a completely different day. By removing the distraction of guests, family and other service providers, not to mention the limitations a schedule enforces, the picture will undoubtedly be of a better quality.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits. Can you tell which are which?

Will a fashion photographer be able to shoot my wedding? Part two

Let’s see how different shooting a wedding can be. The bride and groom are not always models and often uncooperative. There is very little time and so many people try to impose limitations and demands on the photographer. From a demanding mother to the angry priest. All the while they have to keep their cool, get all thirty six groups in half an hour, convince the bride she is gorgeous and cajole the groom into posing his nose for his sake and the list goes on and on.

All this has to be done without ruining the mood of the day. It’s very testing and emotionally draining. For every bride it’s the most important day ever and even after hundreds of wedding it has to be as exciting as the first time for the photographer. Always the same rituals not often many surprises but the pictures have to be creative and fresh with no art director to give ideas. You have to get at least one hundred amazing shots in a very limited time with no control over subject or light. Not time for testing or controlling. All this while trying not to be invasive or make it obvious that you have been working for eight hours and no one thought to feed you.

I think it’s safe to say that a fashion photographer would find a wedding very hard to shoot and a wedding photographer would find a fashion shoot ridiculously easy.

Will a fashion photographer be able to shoot my wedding? Part one

Lets look at how a fashion shoot is shot. First all the models get up really early. Hair and make up is done. A stylist organises props and wardrobe and the photographer sets up the location. They get to use big flashes with delicious light boxes or ring flashes, which would have your guests in hysterics. They use large format cameras which are bigger, shooting huge files and are not practical for reportage. They test light and make their assistant run around and get coffee. The models are co-operative and gorgeous and they have complete control over the light. The Photographer has also the whole day or more. They do a test shoot check it out on their lap top and make a few changes. A team works towards getting a maximum of twelve or so final shots over one or two days. Everything is carefully checked and controlled. I think you get the point. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is often very generous catering provided.

How can I remember my parents on my wedding day?

How can I remember my parents on my wedding day?

  1. By speaking to them kindly and with respect
  2. A small gift with a thank you card
  3. Take a moment before you walk down the aisle to look them in the eye
  4. When you leave them at the end of the aisle whisper “I love you” in their ear.
  5. Make sure you let the photographer know which photographs are important to them and make sure you have a special picture taken with them. It will be such a priceless gift to them.
  6. Do not belittle or get irritated if they get a little demanding or emotional on the day, remember it’s a very difficult milestone the end of an era.
  7. Remember to dance with your parents after the first dance.

But if you can’t manage any of these don’t worry they are probably happy to be rid of  you any way. One day when you have children they will take your parents’ revenge. There is nothing uglier in the world than a bride who treats her mother and father badly on her wedding day.

Remember your parents on your wedding day – part two

I have more photographs of crying fathers of the bride than anyone else.  Then I have many of the mother’s of the grooms. Remember without all of their support you would not be there. A wedding is not just about you and by making an effort to be respectful towards their feelings you will go a long way towards saying thank you for all they have done. Too many times I hear brides treating their mother’s badly while they are getting ready. I know they are stressed out but once I see a bride performing my heart breaks for the parents who are already suffering on the day.

Remember your parents on your wedding day – part one

My heart breaks when a see an already suffering father take his daughter to the alter and she forgets to kiss him goodbye or the groom forgets to shake his hand. I absolutely cringe. For some parents it’s easier when the couple are older, sometimes they can be relived. Or if their child has already been living far from home for some time. But nearly every wedding the most likely person to cry is the daddy.

Advice for a speech – part three

Don’t drink to get more courage. Because you will forget your lines and may be tempted to push to boundaries to get a few laughs. There are few things as embarrassing for anyone than a drunk speaker who can’t get it together. Let’s not forget the video operator who will be there to record your foolishness for life.

Remember to thank everybody. Traditionally various members of the bridal party have specific people to thank. There can be few things as cruel as a bride who forgets to thank her parents for such a wonderful wedding.

Advice for a speech – part two

The funniest speeches often have two speakers. I have seen friends dressing like the couple and putting on little shows. This is really fun if you are good at mimicking and really know the couple. To guarantee humour have the bestman play the bride and the maid of honour could be the groom.

By writing a cheesy poem which rhymes and is completely individual, you can grant yourself permission to read and be cheesy. People want to laugh at a wedding. They don’t want you to experience an award silence. You would have to be awful for them not to laugh. So as long as you make it about the couple and from the heart they will laugh at a corny poem. I promise.

Advice for a speech – part one

Do not under any circumstances get your speech off the internet. I beg you, I have heard the same stuff over and over. It’s embarrassing. If you are not good with words or humour, try a funny slideshow or do a video. You can use old funny photographs or interview other people about the couple. And you will have a special gift to give the couple afterwards.

A master of ceremonies

What often happens to me at a weddings is that I get told by the priest to get everybody out of the church because mass is about to start, so I shoo them all outside. In the nicest possible way but no matter how nicely a stranger bosses you about, it’s annoying. Then we go to the cocktails and the staff tell me dinner is served and I have to herd everybody to the hall. By this stage everybody has decided I am a witch from hell. Between the herding and the thirty six deep group list the bride gave me, everybody hates me by dinner. And it’s not my fault and it’s very bad for pictures when everybody hates me.

If there is a master of ceremonies he or she can boss everybody around and no one will mind because that is what he is supposed to do. Which just leaves me the problem of the thirty six groups to do in half and hour.

Seeing each other before the ceremony

Traditionally we are not supposed to have sex before marriage either but I am yet to meet a virgin bride. Yes, even in Italy. So why stick to other traditions when an alternative will really ease the stress off of your day.

By doing your pictures beforehand means that you will have much more time to enjoy your party. A party which has the limitation of time. I recommend shooting as many of the family and couples portraits as possible, before the ceremony. That way we can spend fifteen minutes in the sunset light taking great portraits and any groups not taken before. If anything goes wrong from rain to a bride twisting her ankle, it’s mostly done. And if nothing goes wrong all the more time to shoot gorgeous reportage images.

Time alone together – part two

I know exactly what you are going to say. But I only want natural reportage images. I do not want to be put into unnatural embarrassing poses. After over four hundred weddings under the belt I can promise you that you will spend very little time together as a couple, looking good in good light. Besides time together does not have to mean time together in ridiculous poses. It could mean a walk together. In fact it will be the only time alone you will have. Time where you won’t have to smile and play the gracious host. Portraits feel like such a painful job on the day. But they needn’t be. We could stop at a cute café for a prosecco or ice cream. Just time to realise the present moment and enjoy it together. And I will be there to capture the moment. Maybe just warning you subtly if you are pulling a double chin.