Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part three


Stretching does wonderful things to one’s muscles. Other than making them supple, stretching also tones your muscles. The act of stretching is a quiet, slow action, which does wonders for the stress levels. Once you start stretc

hing, notice that it soon becomes something you feel the need to do. Yoga is the ultimate form of stretching since it often incorporates meditation. Meditation and stretching are two excellent ways to fight the effects of stress. Stress makes you ugly and sick. Stretching is very important before and after exercise. Doing it before ensures you do not hurt yourself during your workout. If you stretch afterwards it can help avoid stiffness. Exercise and stretching should be started gradually or you will hurt yourself and have to stop. Which would put a dramatic stop on your beauty plan.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part two

Feeling strong energised and happy is the best feeling in the world. The human body is a machine, which loves to be used. The more you use it the stronger it gets, the longer it lasts, the happier it is and the better it looks. Exercise is the ultimate drug, offers immediate gratification during exercise with delicious endorphins and then the bonus after effects on your body and mood. You can’t beat it. Exercise is the cheapest and most dramatic of all the strategies to reform your body. It’s just starting that is difficult.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part one

A challenge, choose a day you are feeling sluggish, swollen and generally ugly. Look at yourself in the mirror, take careful note of the way you look and how you feel. Go for an hour’s worth of hard exercise. The most strenuous you can manage; push yourself as much as you can. Now go and have a look at yourself in the mirror. Everything will instantly look and feel better.

The biggest difference will be the way you feel. You will feel positive and energised but also oddly relaxed. The harder you push the more the difference. All the oxygen, which has been pumped into your skin, will make it glow. Your muscles will have been filled with blood, so your body will be firmer and smoother. You will be more relaxed, sleep better and become regular. All of which will make you your most beautiful.

Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy One: DIET– part ten

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

A Word on Dieting Tablets:

Just don’t go there! They make you moody, emotional and in the long run they destroy your metabolism. So one day when you eventually have to stop them or you loose a kidney, you will have no metabolism and have no hope of ever getting to the right weight. Trust me on this; any metabolism stimulating and appetite suppressing drugs bought in the pharmacy are no different to amphetamines they sell in discos around the world. They will not keep you thin since the second you stop taking them you will be hungrier than you have ever been before and with a huge new tendency to put on weight. And if they don’t destroy your buy propecia 5mg online uk body they will make you so irritable that everybody will hate you. Enough said.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One: DIET– part nine

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

If you MUST have chocolate because you are a chocoholic, it’s not a problem.  For every one hundred grams of chocolate you need to do one hour of exercise, the sweaty kind. SO you do the maths, personally I am prepared to do three hours a day, everyday. As I have mentioned before it’s just really important to balance what goes in with what goes out. If you fall off the wagon and over do the energy intake time to going dancing all night long.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One: DIET– part eight

This is going to make me hugely unpopular but you know it’s an emergency girl, so cope. Alcohol. It’s a waste of calories, which need to be dedicated to nurturing your hair and skin. It stops you from exercising the next day, fills your liver with toxins and slows everything down. You have to because of some party? Stick to spritz’s and champagne. The calories are slightly less than those in hard spirits, beers and liquors.


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that they work faster and better thanks to those bubbles, which means you need to drink less.

Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy One: DIET– part seven

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

Our aim is not to suddenly drop huge amounts of weight but to detoxify, stimulate your metabolism and nourish your body. This will not only improve the way you look, but it will drastically improve your state of mind and energy levels. Instead of focusing on what we are not allowed, we need to focus on adding things to our diet. A good step is to include as many detoxifying and nutritious ingredients possible into your

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diet. The good news is the more the merrier.

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Foods which help

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herbal viagra you to detoxify your body:

1. Fruits
2. Green Foods
3. Lemons, Oranges & Limes
(Note: start each day drugstore with a warm cup of wate

r and lemon juice to clean your liver)
4. Garlic
5. Broccoli Sprouts
6. Green Tea
7. Raw or juiced Vegetables
8. Seeds & Nuts (no butters or salted nuts)
9. Omega-3 Oils


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One : DIET– part six

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

It would shock you to know how much weight you would loose just by getting rid of the excess water you are retaining. The number one substance, which aggravates water retention, is sodium. The number one weapon against water retention is water. Flood your body and it lets go of its reserves. But this takes one to two days to kick in. Water retention is also effectively reduced with exercise, saunas, steam rooms and massages. And if you are prone to swelling in general avoid all alcohol for at least three days before your wedding.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy One : DIET– part five

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

Then there is the most difficult but most important rule of all; try not to eat after seven (if you go to bed at ten). Most of the weight we put on we do so when we eat and go to bed. The same goes for afternoon naps. If you have a little binge, no need to panic, just go

for a long walk. Try to see your body as a machine and try to balance what goes in and out. Eating

an hour before exercise is ideal and not napping before a three hour time period has passed  since your last meal. If you manage nothing else at all this is guaranteed to help you loose around a kilo in a week.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One : DIET– part four

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

If we have our carbohydrates for breakfast, we need to stock up on proteins during the other two main meals. So lunch and dinner you will eat baked, boiled, steamed or grilled proteins with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. Proteins are eggs, beans, nuts, meat, fish, chicken and hard cheeses. They are essential for increasing muscle mass. The higher your muscle mass the more fat you burn. A telltale sign of bad dieting is a thin person who is bone

and fat with their skin hanging off their body. Proteins are essential for reshaping your body. Limit salt, oils, fats and dairy. Except for low fat live yogurts. Make chicken, fish, tofu, beans or lentils tasty with spices. Eat your fruit first and wait fifteen minutes, this will ensure minimum absorption of fat.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One : DIET– part three

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

I am not a fan of low carbohydrate diets because they sap your energy levels and can be dangerous for kidney and liver functions. So I recommend having your carbohydrates in the morning for energy and you will have the whole day to burn off the sugar. I highly recommend unrefined cooked oats. They are slow

burning carbohydrates and being unrefined they will keep hunger away and stimulate metabolism. This is because your metabolism will have to work hard

to digest the unrefined oats. (Note: A helpful hint is always to choose unrefined wholegrain when ever choosing rice, pasta or bread.) Wholegrain rice is a good substitute for the oats. I know it’s not exactly what you imagined for breakfast but this is an emergency plan.

Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One : DIET- part two

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

Add as much fruit to your diet as you can bear. Even if you like just one kind of fruit, it’s  important to give your metabolism a lot to work with. When we starve ourselves we slow down our metabolisms and when we start to eat again the body takes precautions against the famine it has been experiencing. The precautions involve storing everything you eat as fat. So a good trick is to eat a lot of that, which does not make you

fat. Good examples are watermelons, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, spinach; basically raw fruit and vegetables. They will fill you up, detoxify you, nourish you, keep your metabolism up, quench you, drench you and the fact you don’t have to limit your intake will help with compulsive eating urges one experiences when dieting.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – Strategy One : DIET– part one

Metabolism Stimulating Diet

Say the word diet to me and I instantly get hungry. I am just not one for sacrifice. I prefer to add things than to take them away. I do feel quite an expert in the field of dieting. I have lost and gained more kilograms than I care to share with you. I know drastic diets defeat themselves; they actually make you fat, especially when

they starve you. They make your hair and skin look awful. So my diet is quite free and healthy. The key principle is metabolism stimulation with increased quantities of nourishing food. Being healthy makes you not only look your sexiest and most beautiful, it makes you feel it to.



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – The Introduction

You have suddenly realised you are getting married in two weeks. Where have the last six months gone? You have been caught up in plans and no doubt neglected your beauty plan. Never mind let’s make use of what we have. The suggestions I have made may need to be toned down a little if you are very unfit. If you are more than ten kilograms overweight I recommend you see a doctor before you follow my “Bridal Beauty Plan”. Unfortunately like most things in life the more money you throw at the problem the better the outcome. However no high tech massage can ever compete with a dedicated run. Clearly if you wake up a little earlier than two weeks before your wedding all the better.

The plan is divided into different strategies, which each require dedication and determination. The results will be evident from the first day. Especially psychologically, since the exercise will instantly increase your endorphin levels. Although one may experience a light headache and a little tiredness from the detox, it will be short lived. Unless you have been bombing your body with toxins for years. For this reason I recommend starting the plan on a Saturday.


Often the assistants take the best images

It often happens that I will be stuck upon the alter during the rings with the strictest priest known to the Vatican and someone in the front row will begin to sob. I can’t move unless I want to donate my liver to the priest for his dinner. So I have to do what a good team player does and pass the ball. With a quick flick of my eye, my assistant will realise that their job depends on  pouncing on the moment. The result, they get to shoot all the juicy bits, they wonder round happily hunting carefree without any responsibilities. Sometimes at the start of the day I will give them a brief framework but mostly they are a happy go lucky tribe who have it way to good.


In twenty years from now

Your wedding photography will increase its value as the years pass. Many women and  brides are not happy about the way they look. When brides cry out that they are hideous, I tell them that I promise that in twenty years from now they will not feel the same way. Just think of yourself twenty years ago, no doubt you think you were beautiful then. It’s youth, it’s only once it’s gone that we realise how beautiful it was and how we just did not appreciate it. So for the person you will be in twenty years time, take the time to take some portraits on your wedding day, to remember how beautiful you were.


Changing who we are and retouching

If you ask us to completely change the way you look in your wedding pictures, you better be prepared for a long debate. It is my opinion that it will be very sad to completely change the way you look. One day, when you look back at those pictures of “you”, you will wonder what you really looked like and you will have no record of who you were. I am not talking about teeth whitening, skin clearing or wing clipping, I am talking about short, dark, overweight girls who want to be tall, fair and skinny. While this can sometimes be difficult (especially when they are marrying a tall, fair, skinny guy) it’s not impossible with Photoshop. But how sad if the only real element of you in the portrait will be your insecurities.



Wedding Music – Marco Cantarella

How to describe Marco? Marco’s group of musicians play most of the music you will hear on the Amalfi coast. But like all artistic geniuses he is eccentric. How eccentric? He does not own a cell phone. How does he do all the organising? Email and a lot of running up and down the stairs. Although this may not seem like a very good introduction but I cannot recommend his services highly enough. The added bonus is that you will have your very own “Puck” for your “Midsummer’s Nights Dream”. Soul, Jazz, disco, swing, rock ‘n roll, classical to folk and everything in between. Marco and his musicians are based in Ravello but will travel just about anywhere.


A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part six

Crudely put, if a photographer is suspiciously cheap and busy, it’s because there is a crisis on. Good photographers are never cheap, unless they are just starting out. Like five star hotels anywhere in the world charge more or less  the same fees, it can be said that you can judge a photographer by their fees. If they are charging a lot and you can’t get a booking, you can bet your last euro that they will be worth the money. It stands to logic, especially when there is a financial crisis on the go.



A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part five

The financial crisis and the growing supply of new wedding photographers have had a huge effect on the wedding photography market. They have divided the wedding photographers into two distinct groups; wedding photographers who can charge what ever they like because they had so many requests and limit the amount of weddings they accept. Then there are those wedding photographers who have to offer special deals to “catch” clients.
The later try to do as many weddings as they can by charging ridiculously low fees. This is to their detriment and to the detriment of their clients. They don’t have time or capital to improve their skills, equipment, knowledge or services. Their systems are factory-like and the images all look much the same. They take little time to understand the wishes of their clients and are not terribly concerned with the quality of the end product.


A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part four

All of a sudden everybody who worked in the wedding industry realised wedding photography was the place to be. Everybody who ever had the vaguest interest in wedding photography bought a camera and started shooting weddings. I even know a waiter who decided it was time to open a photography studio on the Amalfi coast. These new photographers charge ridiculously low prices to make up for their lack of experience. Have you ever been caught by those signs outside restaurants in Venice, “Tourist Menu?” If you have, you will know they offer you a five course meal for five euro. And how do you think that meal will taste?

Then came the economic crisis and well the party was closed down. The bandwagon broke from being over loaded with photographers.


A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part three

So where were we? Right wedding photography had become trendy. But something was missing. Sometimes weddings were, well, a little boring and there were not that many earth shattering moments.

Then Jerry Ghionis arrives on the scene, claiming to be tired of waiting for the action to happen and preferring to go out and make magic happen. He declares his main mission was to make his clients beautiful, a highly unpopular opinion according to the moment worshippers.

His work also includes reportage images but his focus is once again on the portrait side of wedding photography. And although he has this in common with the cheesy wedding photographers from the eighties, the similarities stop there. His work is fresh and exciting. Finally a breath of fresh air for wedding photography which had been so concentrated  on being natural and obeying rules that it had gotten way too serious and rigid.



A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part two

After Joe Buissink revolutionised the whole wedding world, we all jumped on a very comfortable bandwagon. All of a sudden wedding photography was not so frowned upon, mostly because it was so lucrative. Everybody did and everybody wanted only reportage.

Crazy women all over the world were paying ridiculous amounts of money to have the photographer of their choice shoot their wedding, even if it meant flying them in. The destination-wedding photographer was born. Brides began saying things like, “from the minute I saw their pictures I knew they were the one, and I could have no one else”. Brides began to select their wedding photographers as carefully as they selected their husbands. Wedding photography became a priority for the wedding budget. And many destination-wedding photographers still lead the life of rock stars; flying all over the world to  party and make huge amounts of cash at the same time.

A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part one

Not too long ago wedding photography was absolutely the most uncool and lowly photography career you could ever choose. Many photography students have sworn on their dog’s grave never to stoop to such levels. I am one such student who now has to eat her words.

Thanks to the great Joe Buissink, all that has now changed. Twelve years ago Joe Buissink showed the wedding world a new freer approach to wedding photography. The man took exception to being paid less than what was paid for the cake since the photography was the only investment, which lasts past the wedding day. He introduced the world to reportage and gave little thought to traditional rules of wedding photography. He was willing to pay the price of grain for the beauty of the moment and natural light. He focused on the moment but not being a purist he also shot portraits. For the first time wedding portraits were influenced by both fine art and fashion photography. He is rumoured to charge ten thousand dollars just to pitch and then all orders are extras. Joe Buissink forever changed the lives of wedding photographers the world.



What every Bride really wants on her wedding day – part three

There are times when retouching can really save the day. One poor bride I shot last year broke out in acne (for the first time in her life) five days before her wedding. Solution? Make sure your photographer can touch up.
We completely removed that poor dears acne and she nearly cried when she saw the album. She no longer has acne and for privacy reasons we do not show before and after pictures of our clients. But take a look at these examples using models.


What every Bride really wants on her wedding day – part two

We have established that all girls want to be perfectly beautiful on their wedding day and that perfection does not exist in reality. Which spells disaster. So.. what can go wrong? The list is endless and you should expect the unexpected.

Due to stress, girls loose and pick up weight. Okay, few of us want to gain weight but why would it be upsetting if we loose weight? Well because if you are wearing a strapless dress, the dress will fall down. But it could be a number of things, which can turn a blushing bride into a raging bull. Solution? Make sure your photographer can touch up, be realistic and develop a sense of humour.