Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays & Sundays part six

Public church/religious ceremony schedules are naturally heavier during the weekends. Priests, Churches and Civil ceremony grounds are extremely busy on Saturdays and Sundays and usually take on double bookings. This means often you can be (diplomatically) rushed out of a church/religious location after your service, as another ceremony is waiting to start. Choosing a weekeday avoids this problem and also gives you more chance of finding your first choice of Church or Religious venue grounds.

Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays & Sundays part five

Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Residences are also more likely to have availability for both yourselves and your guests during the week. This is particularly important if you have a large guest list, and are looking to create a holiday group feeling, with all your guests staying in the same hotels and close by to you. Some places also offer group booking specials, and considering a week day might help you to get all your guests into the same places.

Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays & Sundays part four

There are more and cheaper flights available. This isn’t as silly as it sounds. Especially for those who are looking for flight availability on the low cost airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair and Flybaboo. Flight schedules with these airlines are often operated Monday – Friday, and during these days great flight deals can be found. It is important to consider this especially for your guests, who will be travelling, to help them also keep costs down.





Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays & Sundays part three

Larger suppliers like florists, musicians and caterers that have the capacity to take on more than one booking during one day, are less likely to have double bookings during the week. Whilst this is not to say that when there is a double booking on your wedding day, your level of service is anything less than 110%, it just means that during the week you will are more likely to get 200% undivided attention.

Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays & Sundays part two

You’ve chosen a weekend, but aren’t an early bird that caught the worm, and then you find your dream venue, planner, florist or photographer just six months out from the big day. If they are good more than likely they will already be booked, which
might break your heart. Consider a week day around the same period and you might just find your luck. Monday to Thursdays are more likely to have schedule gaps.

Reasons to get married during weekdays and why to avoid Saturdays &Sundays part one

Choosing a weekday in the beginning might seem like a crazy idea, but nowadays it really isn’t that mad. If you think you can cope with a  weekday, you will have access to a larger range of the best service providers. Usually weekends (especially those with public holidays tagged on either side) are booked out a year or so in advance, so if you aren’t one of these early birds your choice is immediately cut in half.

A thousand flowers in one promise – Armando Malafronte

Locally and Internationally famed, Ravello Floral designer, Armando Malafronte recently reached a new level of success in the publishing of his divine book.
Armando “A magical floral designer capable of realizing magnificent floral creations”, recently released his first book ‘Mille fiori in una promessa’. The book, enriched with fabulous colours and floral compositions, leaves you with an inspiration and admiration for flower design that is hard to find elsewhere. It is nothing but a true reflection and appraisal of this man’s unique talent and incredible green fingers.

You think you are ugly.

Why is it that us girls have to wait till we get old and wrinkled to realise how beautiful we were? Anyway, you think you are ugly and there is nothing I can say or do to change that. You can however adapt your wedding outfit to conceal to be your worst points and accentuate your best points. It’s all about balance. For example;

You don’t like your face?

Wear a nineteen twenties box hat or a broach hair slide with a short net covering half your face. The broach can be a beautiful focal point. If you have a long neck, wear long chandelier ears, which will again draw attention away from your face.

You have flabby arms?

Flabby arms but your shoulders are your best feature? You wear something off shoulder with off shoulder drapery sleeves (1970s) or carry a delicious shawl.

You are very short?

You need a short twinkly wedding dress with slinky shoes and your hair should be worn up.

Flowers in your hair

If you are getting married in June I do not recommend you put real flowers in your hair. By the end of the evening they will look very sad. Tiny roses seem to hold up, as long as they are not white or cream since they will go brown. Peonies are very popular but if it’s hot and they are exposed to a lot of sun they will droop. I promise. If you absolutely insist on real flowers keep them hydrated in the fridge till the very last minute. If you want orchids in your hair,  I would highly recommend you look for a good quality fake variety. I know you have seen the fashion shoots with fresh flowers in their hair but those flowers only had to look good for an hour maximum. Another option is to have replacements at hand but it also means you need a hairdresser or reliable friend.



Why do Italians seem so rude?

From Rome down, Italians can be quite rude as seen from an English cultural position. It’s the great cultural divide that I married into. Italians do not like to decorate their requests and acknowledgments with pleases and thank yous. Especially if they are your friends (or work in public service.) Between friends they find it too formal and if you say thank you to a good Neapolitan friend, they will reply that there is no need for a formal thank you. They believe thank you and please are too formal for good friends who understand each other. When in Italy their apparent rudeness is just due to cultural differences so try not to take it personally.



How to order food like an Italian in Italy Part 2

Basic Rules: Part 02

  1. Ask for recommendations; Italians love giving their opinions on just about everything, but food questions will be tackled with the seriousness of a political debate. “what would you recommend?” “Everything is good!” they will reply, like I said tread lightly food is serious business.
  2. Most Italians (especially in South Italy) will have; anti-pasta, pasta, secondo, fruita, dolce and café. If you want  to try so much food once in your life I recommend you don’t eat too much pasta and avoid the bread. Or you may just pop.
  3. Never ever in your whole life, even if your life depends on it order a cappuccino after a big meal. Everybody in the place, who is Italian, will naturally assume that you are foreign and “don’t understand anything about food.” Unfortunately they have brainwashed me and I too now believe that milk after fish is not so hot.
  4. Look for places filled with locals and ask about dishes you see passing by. locals and ask about dishes you see passing by.

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Try to always order local wine and often house wine which can be home made wine. It’s a little rough round the edges and lighter in alcohol but once you get the taste for it there is no going back. Especially since the price is right and the hangover is low key.

How to order food like an Italian in Italy

Basic Rules: Part 01

  1. The shorter the menu the more likely you are to get good quality fresh food.
  2. The more dishes offered with ingredients, which are in season, the better the food will be.
  3. In Italy ingredients, which are frozen have to be indicated on the menu, so look out for those little stars on the right.
  4. Water is always ordered at the beginning of the meal, a lightly fizzy is recommended to clean the palate especially if you will be eating rich food.
  5. If you start with fish or meat, you should stick with the theme or have lemon sorbet between courses.
  6. Avoid anything labelled tourist menu or you will end up with fish fingers for your main.
  7. It’s good to know what different areas are famous for e.g. Naples has mozzarella, Rome the Amatriciana, Tuscany has it’s Fiorentina and Genova has pesto. But these are just the obvious, Italians can be so

    passionate about their way of making a certain pasta that they will talk about the people in the next town who don’t know how to cook because they add onions. They will discuss these onion lovers as though they come from a far off land.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician Part seven

What to order? A few days before:

6.Eyelash extension

“What no mascara?!” I hear you gasp. For an extra sexy but surprisingly natural look, try eyelash extensions. They look six thousand times better than normal fake lashes. Eyelash extensions don’t lash very long but they look AMAZING. The last long enough for a party and a honeymoon, a girl doesn’t need them to last much longer than that.

7.Pedicure & Manicure

Please can you all stop with the porno star French Manicure. Please. A French mani can look cute if you don’t have those dangerously long nails porno stars insist on sporting. Personally I find such long nails completely unsuitable considering their line or work. Not that I would like to compare brides to porno stars. My point is that if it looks trashy on someone who is trying to look trashy, imagine what it looks like on a bride.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician Part six

What to order? A few days before:

3. Nourishing  or Cleansing facial – This should be at least your second facial when preparing for your big day. Your facial should include exfoliating, cleansing and nourishing. If you can get a little face, head, neck and shoulder massaging with the package it will make all the difference

4. Eyebrow shaping (don’t think this needs much explaining)

5. Eyebrow & eyelash dying – You know how mascara can give you two back eyes at the sea or if it withstands the pool, it will probably be very difficult to get off. By dying your eyebrows and lashes you can withstand the pool test and the effect is flatteringly natural.



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician Part five

What to order? A few days before:
2. Total wax

This form of torture needs little introduction. It’s a form of torture for women by woman and those glossy magazines. You know the kind, which tell us that being the way we were born is just not good enough. Anyway as you can tell I feel it’s us who should be paid for this pain. I will also admit to a sick pleasure, which descends right after having your body hair pulled out by the roots. Not indifferent to the euphoria one feels after a tattoo. And if you are brave enough for a Brazilian version be prepared for quite a surprise and a crazy itch afterwards but hey you only get married once.



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician Part four

What to order?
A few days before:

1. Full body polish – This treatment will leave you with a glossy, smooth and soft skin. It involves; a wash, a steam, a salt rub, a rinse and a rub with oil. If you want to try a home version, mix half a cup of coarse salt with half a cup of your favourite massage oil. Good oils to use are grape seed oil and almond oil. First you soak in a hot bath for ten minutes, to soften dead skin, then wash your skin with a good cleanser. Now rub your oil & salt mixture all over your body. Pay special attention to trouble areas like elbows, bottoms and feet. Rinse well with warm water and if you have very dry skin apply more oil



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician – Part three

What to order?
Two weeks before:

2. Individual selected Body Wrap

Body wraps are great for working on cellulite, skin condition and for detoxing. Once again it’s important that your beautician helps you select one that satisfies your needs. If you have problem skin on your back, as few as two wraps or peelings can completely clear problem skin.

3. Lymphatic Drainage massage

My preference for this kind of massage is a Presso-massage. It involves getting into a space suit and basically it squeezes you like a tube of toothpaste. If you are already small you may find the suit can’t reach an adequate amount of pressure. It’s a wonderfully effective and relaxing massage. The Human version of the lymphatic drainage massage is good too but be sure you find someone strong, patient and informed.



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician – Part two

What to order?
1. Individual selected Facial

It’s best to make an appointment just to discuss what you will need. Everybody’s face is different and benefits from different kinds of products. It is important not to have your first facial too soon before your wedding. Usually one really starts to see the benefits of facials once you have had at least two. I recommend a deep cleanse and a nourishing facial for the first one. Do not be tempted to shape your eyebrows etc. You need all facial hair to be clear for the day of your wedding and so you need to do so just three or so days before your wedding. Bleach any stray hairs in the mean while to avoid embarrassment; personally I just don’t leave the house. (Please can someone make moustaches on woman fashionable – Please, we can’t seem to get rid of them).


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician – Part one

What to order?Electro Stimulation – every day if possible (is this or is this not an emergency)


Now I know this sounds scary s less painful than it sounds and very effective. Electro stimulation is particularly effective for difficult to work on muscles, like bottoms.

Basically they strap your body with little electro pads, which send little shocks to your muscles. This causes the muscles to contract, the way they would if you were exercising. The stronger you can take the shock the better it works. If you are starting an exercise routine, these little electro sessions will really help you. You will see the benefits of both much quicker since they compliment each other.



Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: Daily Responsibilities

1. Drink at least two litres of water
2. No drinking coffee or alcohol
3. Avoid salts, artificial additives, preservatives, colorants – basically toxins

4. Go to bed early, try to have at least eight hours sleep a day
5. Keeping to a healthy routine will restore your body and mind
6. Workout a lot and rest a lot
7. Apply a hardcore anti cellulite cream twice daily, massaging the way you wish your beautician would.
8. If you can get anywhere near a sauna or a steam room make your body sweat but drink extra water.
9. Walk whenever you can, stairs are especially good for bottoms
10. Be extra good to yourself, give yourself non food rewards e.g facials, pedicures, a small lie in.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part six

Tricks to help you get into exercise C

5. Music
There is absolutely no way I can do any form of exercise without music. If my iPod is flat, I don’t work out. It’s also about the only chance I get to hear some really great music. It’s so easy to hear and purchase individual songs from the Internet.

6.Spending money on exercising

Guilt has been our chain and shackles for years. For the first time guilt can be used to one’s advantage. Not sure about you but I hate wasting money. If I spend money on new sexy exercise gear, a gym contract and a fab baby blue gym bag, I am more likely to go to gym. I just can’t bear letting the money go to waste. Strange how I don’t see it as my body going to waste or if I do, I really do not seem to care.


Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part five

Tricks to help you get into exercise B

3.Espresso & chocolate before you work out

Now I’m breaking some rules here, and going against my advice of avoiding caffeine & chocolate, but we can always make exceptions when we must, and if I just can’t get going then an espresso and a small piece of chocolate help me to start exercising. They encourage me and give me a little rocket boost of energy to tackle the hardest part, the beginning. A small piece of a Mars bar or such has between 200 to 300 calories. About half an hour’s worth of workout will burn a small bar of chocolate but you will need to sweat.

4.Working off the stress with visualisation

If you are angry, stressed or worried about anything, get on the treadmill. First you warm up, then visualise the problem in front of you. For example, picture the guy who ran over your cat and scream at him in your head. You will be surprised how fast you can go. Keep going till you feel no anger, depending how much you have. Not only will you exercise harder for longer you will also get rid of unwanted feelings by burning them off. Double bonus.

Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part four

Tricks to help you get into exercise

1.Get an instructor or exercising partner.

This is a commitment on your part and you will be far less likely that you will skip a session if it means letting someone else down. You are also less likely to hurt yourself with an instructor and they can help you work on your weak points.

2.Consider step or dance classes

Personally I always stuck my nose up at any form of exercise class. Shying away because I thought I would be useless due to my lack of coordination. But who said the point was to be the best pupil in the class. Once I gave lessons a chance, I found that I was so busy concentrating on the steps that I broke a sweat without realising. I find distractions like people and music are most helpful in breaking through the pain barrier. I once had an aerobics teacher who picked on me non stop, on all of us actually. His intension was to make us angry because when one is angry the energy levels go way up. I often left the class wondering what his problem was. Two years down the line I consider the man a genius.