What is the first thing you look at when you look at a photograph?

When you look at a photograph of yourself, what is the very first thing you check? Be really honest with yourself and with me. If you are like me and most people, you will check that you look good. No matter how special the moment, you will not choose a photograph if you look bad. For example when you have a double chin or a side profile, if you do not like you nose. How many photographs of yourself have you thrown away because you did not like them? Most of those were taken spontaneously and if they were posed, they were badly posed. Correct?

I want to start a revolution. I would like you to reconsider the ideas you have about wedding photography. I know exactly what kind of pictures you will say you want for your wedding photography; natural and spontaneous. The ideas, which I will present to you over the next few pages, I know many of you will not like. Many will find my ideas scandalous. I am positive that I will horrify, irritate and even anger many of you. I ask you to listen with an open mind for the sake of your wedding photography. No other photographer in Italy, to my knowledge, is doing anything similar. The rest of the world is unfortunately ahead. It’s something completely new and the same way it took reportage a little time to catch on, I am sure one day this way of shooting will be as popular as reportage is today in Italy.

When I first started shooting weddings I only shot reportage images. Often brides were really disappointed with their portraits. At every wedding I beg the couples to let me do a few portraits and these always end up being the favourite images. ALWAYS! SO please read careful and logically consider what I am suggesting. Because if I can get you to understand my points;

Every person has and angle and light source that is both forgiving and flattering. Reportage or spontaneous photography is great but not flattering. To take a picture that makes you look your best you need to be posed. I am not talking about embarrassing and horrible poses from the eights. I am talking about fresh, free, exciting poses. Poses which don’t look posed taking inspiration from fashion photography. The aim of these poses are to make you look your best. They don’t take long and we have a huge amount of fun creating them.

What you need to ensure great wedding photographers

  1. Give your photographer plenty of time to work
  2. Do not be late, ever
  3. Make sure you like your photographer and they like you
  4. Have a clear idea about what you want with regards to your pictures
  5. Be as co-operative as you can with your photographer – after all they are just trying to do their job
  6. Do not behave badly – bridezillias are very hard to shoot
  7. Don’t have a list of more than around 12 group photographs – or you will be sorry and your guests will hate you
  8. Don’t get drunk the night before
  9. Everybody is more beautiful after a good nights sleep, that is why it’s called beauty sleep
  10. Make sure you eat during the day, there are never any good pictures when the bride passes out
  11. Hire a wedding planner, it takes away a lot of the stress