JoAnne Dunn joins Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is a fabulous & extensive wedding site that was founded and designed in 2006 by 3 ex- photographers. Junebug brings together luxury wedding suppliers & professionals from all over the world & features some of the highest end weddings & photography.

JoAnne Dunn was invited to join Junebug in early 2011 & features on their hotlist of ‘world’s best photographers’.

JoAnne was also interviewed by co-founder Blair deLaubenfels in March and the ‘spotlight feature’ can be found on the Junebug site.

JoAnne Dunn – Best of Wedding Photography

JoAnne Dunn – Best of Wedding Photography

April 2011. JoAnne was honourably invited to join the premier, invitation – only association for the world’s top wedding photographers in early April.

The Best of Wedding Photography association is run by an elite board of members, who include some of the best- known international photographers.  They look for photographers who are leaders in the field – both in terms of the quality and style of imagery they and their level of success and recognition by brides, fellow photographers, and others in the wedding industry.

JoAnne was proud to accept this invitation.