JoAnne Dunn is honoured to be appointed Testimonial for Epoca Albums.

More than a wedding album printed completely on photographic paper, ALBUM EPOCA is a concept, a unique way to interpret events in their entirety for all the opportunities they can offer. And all with taste, style, and incredible value.

Weddings are very special occasions for professional photographers, allowing them to offer a complete range of precious and highly significant items that satisfy not only the wedding couple but also all the other important guests at the event, including parents, bridal party members and guests.

With ALBUM EPOCA the story of such a special day can be shared with loved ones near and far, and capturing precious memories forever by transforming them into modern and elegant design objects.

Wedding Album – The Album for bride and groom
This superb digital wedding photo album is the heart of their product range, dedicated to the protagonists of the wedding event: the BRIDE and the GROOM. The extreme professionalism acquired in the field of photography and great experience in the sector of craftsman bookbinding costitutes a vital role in the creation of this splendid symbol of memory that such an important event as a wedding deserves. Available in a variety of formats and different proportions,wedding  ALBUM EPOCA features an ample range of covers and unparalleled photo quality, guaranteed by the finest photographic paper.

Photographic Therapy by JoAnne Dunn

Last days for self portrait photo competition

To promote Photo Therapy, JoAnne Dunn Photographers is holding a self -portrait competition. The first prize being a two hour Photo Therapy session, shot anywhere in Italy, with twenty printed images of your choice from the shoot. The competition is divided in two categories; photographers and non – photographers.

Self -portraits will be judged on the following aspects:
1. Originality
2. Honesty
3. Aesthetic appeal

The competition ends the 31st of April 2012. Winners will be announced on the 9th of April 2012. The best images will be published on this page. I so look forward to seeing your self portraits.

Photo Therapy Images are great for:

1. Facebook profile pictures
2. Gifts for family, especially for Mom’s and spouses
3. For your career
4. Just for you

You don’t need an excuse you know you could do with a really great picture of yourself. I look forward to suprising you.