Blog – Manifesto

When it was suggested I start my own blog I couldn’t help but wonder what would I write. Even if I did think of anything, who would be crazy enough to read my babbling. But after giving it some head after their weddings. Sometimes I wish I could tell couples all the bits I learn along the way but being an international photographer, there is seldom enough time to get to know my clients.So if you are planning to wear white anytime soon, you too may find my blog useful, no matter who will be doing your images. Hints and ideas to make your day go smoothly, help with choosing wedding venues and planners in Italy and tasty bits like looking your best in front of the camera.
We don’t just shoot weddings. It may help to build your confidence in our team if I let you know what we get up to when we not shooting weddings. The blog will include news of our travels, awards, publications and exhibitions around the globe.

I believe that the more the subject understands all that is involved in creating great pictures, the better the pictures will be. I have come to realize that a blog would be a great place where we could chat about what goes into making a great picture. I can show you how we work and what options are available to you when choosing wedding photography styles and packages.

The more confidence you have in who is taking your picture, the more comfortable you will feel in front of the camera. So let’s try to understand each other and please feel free to post any input or comments. All feedback is greatly appreciated and all questions will be answered.

With adoration and gratitude I dedicate my blog to my brides. The women who make my world go round.

JoAnne Dunn