Winter Fashion Shoot: Winter Catalogue 2015 / 2016
Preparing a winter fashion shoot on a warm spring day definitely presents it’s challenges. This fabulous shoot with a lovely line of winter jackets, all came together in the rustic town of Torello, Ravello, to recreate a wintery feel. Images have also been retouched to emphasise winter warm colours.

Credits :
Hair and make up: Antonio Narciso D’Ascoli  & Michele Voluttoso.
Models: Francesca Iaccarino & Milena Buzan (Milly)


Cathy & Frank married in Dallas, Texas in 2013 & whilst they loved their wedding photos, they wanted more photos that were more reflective of their style. For many, the hustle and bustle of a whirlwind wedding day often never allows time for such photos and Wedding Anniversary shoots are fast becoming the perfect way to complete your wedding photography story.


Feeling and looking your best comes naturally whilst on holiday. Fresh faced, relaxed and time to stroll. Holidays provide the prefect opportunity to have your portraits taken with the backdrop of your idyllic location.and if you’re on the Amalfi Coast…well what better set could you ask for..

Allison (Allison-Hawkins.com), looking for some new portraits for her portfolio, came to Amalfi for 3 days’ holiday and set aside 2 quick hours for a lovely Italian late afternoon shoot session.


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, traditional wedding and non. So often ‘the SHOES’ are a way for a bride to let her personality peak through from under the dress. ‘The SHOES’…high heeled, wedged, flat or between the toes are one of my all time favourite details of the day to shoot. Here are just a few of the collection…only a few from my fetish!

Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 01 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 02 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 03 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 04 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 05 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 06 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 07 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 08 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 09 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 10 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 11 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 12 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 13 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 14 Wedding Shoes_Wedding in Italy 15

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 04

Oil has always been used to accentuate the body. But unless you have rippling muscles and even then, I highly recommend you go easy on the oil. Sprinkling water over andoiled body can look good but again only if you are not too bumpy and dimply.

Here we go again with the tanning debate. Yes during the day on the beach we do look better with a bit of colour. And although I generally prefer models who are not too tanned, a little colour with boudoir photography is acceptable. But I generally prefer working with the skin colour girls are born with. The reason is that the camera tends to accentuate the uneven skin tones caused by sun tanning. The older you are the greater these differences are. There are some girls who can tan evenly but there is one in every hundred I shoot.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 03

Another trick is to be lying down. We all look a lot better on our backs. Seriously, gravity pulls all the extra bits down and even the face become more attractive. The floor also offers a great prop for creating sexy lines like those produced by an arching back.

High heels are another great way to improve your boudoir images. High heels not only give your legs more length, they also give your great calf muscles and make you walk up straight.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 02

Practise, practise, practise makes perfect. They day of the shoot is the wrong day to try out new poses. You need to keep a scarp book of poses you like, taking into consideration your complexes.

What exactly is good posture? Well we are not talking about the posture you do in finishing school. Bottom and breasts out, tummy in and head lift as though it’s been pulled by a cord at the base of the neck. Nearly everybody benefits from lifting  their chin a little, it removes annoying double chins.

Posing for Bridal Boudoir Photography – part 01

When I was a young struggling photographer, I earned a little cash on the side by doing portfolios for strippers in London. They taught me so much about posing. The most important thing I learnt was about posture. There is not a single thing which will improve your looks as quickly as standing correctly.

Stretching your body and accentuating the S shape of your body will pull your curves into position. It will also smooth out lumps and bumps.

Very few humans have breasts which look good dangling down when you are on all fours. Maybe if you are wearing a push up bra it could work but if you are naked they tend to look silly. Instead lie on your tummy, support yourself on your elbows , bend your knees and cross your ankles. This is a very flattering pose and modest too.

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part three

Be prepared to pose and practise posing. Make a scrapbook of images you like and poses you like. Practise these and share them with me so that we are prepared and on the same page. As I have mentioned creativity is the art of play. If you don’t come ready to play the result will be a painful fruitless exercise and you would have wasted your money. Most people have little experience of posing and on a shoot is not a good time to try for the first time.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits.  Can you tell which are which?

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part two

Give me time to test and check. Time to set up lights and time to move to different locations. In other words come with patience. Which brings me to co-operation. Models have to follow instructions and do so quickly without the need of convincing. By being co-operative you shorten the time required. You can’t see what I can and so you need to trust me when I give you suggestions. We both want gorgeous pictures. That is why it’s important that you have similar taste to your photographer.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits. Can you tell which are which?

What if I want my pictures to look like fashion photographs? Part one

The first thing you need to insure is that you give me more time to work. That is the number one big difference between the quality of the two types of photographs. Even better if your fashion portraits are shot on a completely different day. By removing the distraction of guests, family and other service providers, not to mention the limitations a schedule enforces, the picture will undoubtedly be of a better quality.

The pictures included in this blog are a mix between fashion and wedding portraits. Can you tell which are which?

Will a fashion photographer be able to shoot my wedding? Part two

Let’s see how different shooting a wedding can be. The bride and groom are not always models and often uncooperative. There is very little time and so many people try to impose limitations and demands on the photographer. From a demanding mother to the angry priest. All the while they have to keep their cool, get all thirty six groups in half an hour, convince the bride she is gorgeous and cajole the groom into posing his nose for his sake and the list goes on and on.

All this has to be done without ruining the mood of the day. It’s very testing and emotionally draining. For every bride it’s the most important day ever and even after hundreds of wedding it has to be as exciting as the first time for the photographer. Always the same rituals not often many surprises but the pictures have to be creative and fresh with no art director to give ideas. You have to get at least one hundred amazing shots in a very limited time with no control over subject or light. Not time for testing or controlling. All this while trying not to be invasive or make it obvious that you have been working for eight hours and no one thought to feed you.

I think it’s safe to say that a fashion photographer would find a wedding very hard to shoot and a wedding photographer would find a fashion shoot ridiculously easy.

Will a fashion photographer be able to shoot my wedding? Part one

Lets look at how a fashion shoot is shot. First all the models get up really early. Hair and make up is done. A stylist organises props and wardrobe and the photographer sets up the location. They get to use big flashes with delicious light boxes or ring flashes, which would have your guests in hysterics. They use large format cameras which are bigger, shooting huge files and are not practical for reportage. They test light and make their assistant run around and get coffee. The models are co-operative and gorgeous and they have complete control over the light. The Photographer has also the whole day or more. They do a test shoot check it out on their lap top and make a few changes. A team works towards getting a maximum of twelve or so final shots over one or two days. Everything is carefully checked and controlled. I think you get the point. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is often very generous catering provided.

Private boudoir photography

It’s likely that you will never again look as gorgeous as you do on your wedding day—so what a shame it passes by so quickly! You may have bought delicious wedding underwear that your groom will never see because you both passed out with exhaustion after your emotional day.

At JoAnne Dunn Photography we offer a personalised service to make sure even the most intimate secrets of your wedding day can be lovingly preserved. Why not have some sexy but tasteful images taken of yourself before you put your dress on? They make wonderful first year anniversary gifts and in twenty years’ time you may want to build a shrine to these images.
Take a look at the gallery to get some idea of the sizzle this option can add to your photo collection. You will notice that there are only a few photographs, and only of models. It is because we guard our clients’ privacy and have special contracts for these shoots to put clients at ease. The contracts ensure that your private images are only ever seen by yourself and Joanne.

Joanne Dunn

Trash the Dress

For unique, powerful photos, a little bit of madness will go a long way. The latest trend for daredevil wedding photography is Trash the Dress shoots, where the bride wearing all her wedding finery wades into water, walks through wheat fields, lies in a flower bed or descends into murky cellars.

So far, we at JoAnne Dunn Photography must admit that we have only succeeded in convincing one lovely bride to gracefully step into the Caruso Infinity pool. Unfortunately, this dip in the pool was completely spontaneous and we would have preferred to come prepared with a swimming costume and underwater camera. But the results speak for themselves—these photos become just awesome.

Needless to say, this option is for the brave at heart. But don’t be put off by the title—you don’t have to destroy the dress completely. It is important to come up with an idea that tickles your fancy, and that you are comfortable with. Anything and everything is possible with a little planning and courage. We can help turn your fantasies into art.

Joanne Dunn

Delightful Details

Taking a photograph of your shoes might seem rather silly today. But imagine the same image in twenty years. Ever smelt a perfume and suddenly some forgotten (and perhaps a bit naughty) memory has come rushing back? The same will happen when, in twenty years’ time, you see those shoes and remember the day you finally bought them and hid the receipt from your fiancé.

At JoAnne Dunn photography, we use photos of descriptive details from your wedding—your shoes, place cards, a ribbon or some flowers—in the same way that writers use little details to evoke a particular time, or scene. These details will help us describe a time, a mood, a feeling or a client’s taste, and they are what will transport you back in time when you look at your album in years to come.

Photos of details will give an ‘editorial’ feel to an album—exactly in the way that glossy magazines feature lots of gorgeous details in their wedding coverage. But they are also a loving homage to the many months of work you put into planning your wedding and its special themes and colours. By immortalising these details, we can unlock a flood of special memories.

Joanne Dunn

Wedding photography imitating fashion photography

Most girls fantasise about a traditional white wedding dress. But when it comes to wedding photography many would prefer images that look less like the classical wedding photos of their parents, and more like the fashion spreads of the glossy magazines that they have loved since they were little. Images that express something more than the run of the mill—something a bit more mysterious and sexy.

At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we offer couples the option of booking a fashion-like shoot where we break all the rules of wedding photography. There will be only one purpose: making you look beautiful.

Our fashion shoot service appeals to couples that are eloping for their wedding, and for whom the photography might be the most important investment. It also appeals to trendy, fashionable or funky couples that cringe at the thought of classic romantic wedding photography. The shoots are usually a huge amount of fun and the couple’s input is very important to the planning and execution. An open mind, the willingness to play and a little cooperation will guarantee a truly unique collection of photographs.

The fashion shoot can include both portrait and couple shots, and it could take place during the wedding day or on a completely separate day, depending on how many images you want and what style you have in mind. The best lighting for fashion-style shoots is during the two hours before and the hour after sunset. Otherwise we become very limited as to where we can shoot, since we want to try to avoid the hard, horrible light that is at its worst around midday.

Joanne Dunn