Cathy & Frank married in Dallas, Texas in 2013 & whilst they loved their wedding photos, they wanted more photos that were more reflective of their style. For many, the hustle and bustle of a whirlwind wedding day often never allows time for such photos and Wedding Anniversary shoots are fast becoming the perfect way to complete your wedding photography story.

Wedding in Mykonos

I have shot just one wedding in Mykonos and it was one of my favourites ever. I think that is because the weddings which turn into big parties are the best. Mykonos is the island of partying and decadence . Therefore it stands to reason that weddings in Mykonos are fun. You are almost guaranteed of good weather and the food is divine. You have to love a place where the shops stay open till three n the morning. The shops are also unusual and fresh. What amazed me the most is how clean the place is. I mean the place is full of revellers all night long and the most you find is bougainvillea flowers on the floor. I do want to repeat, do not go in August.

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My favourite locations 12 – Mykonian Mare Art Resort – Mykonos – Greece

The entire place is white with a few blue and gold details. Clean and sleek, minimal and fresh but some how embarrassing Greek aesthetics. Love the deck and the lounge beds. Especially love the little church on the cliff a short wander down the road. The rooms are a relief to my saturated vision. Special attention has been paid to lighting. The staff felt like old friends or family. But that's Mykonos. The island of LOVE. I very seriously recommend getting married in Mykonos if you love to dance the night away. I can go on and on. But I will say if you do decide to get married in Mykonos I do not recommend August.
“Mykonian Mare Art Resort and Spa is naturally the perfect place where you will experience incredibly magic and romantic moments.
Mykonian Mare Art Resort and Spa combines all the magical ingredients for a memorable wedding and honeymoon experience in Mykonos. Weddings here are an art where luxury, elegance, high quality services combined to the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, offer an incredibly unique experience to the wedding couple and their precious guests.” Direct text from Mykonian Mare Art Resort and Spa website

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