Ryan & Mike celebrated their 13 years of sweet love with a very personal & emotional wedding ceremony in the private gardens of Villa Eva, Ravello. Having travelled Italy extensively together, the location for their destination wedding was an obvious choice. Villa Eva provided the spectacular backdrop, and 75 family and friends from Canada, USA & Europe provided the warmth to embrace this sweet couple on their big day. With happiness & affection overflowing, their wedding photos are a reflection of just how amazing these two people and their love is. Ryan & Mike’s destination wedding of their dreams was put together with the personal planning of The Amalfi Experience.

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Kim & Shane came all the way from Colorado for a private Renewal Ceremony of their wedding vows. With an intimate & moving ceremony they exchanged their wedding vows once again, at the lovely cliff edged hotel Onde Verde, Praiano. Their beautiful pictures are located in the nearby fishing bay La Praia.

Kim&Shane0131 Kim&Shane0216
Kim&Shane0253 Kim&Shane0494
Kim&Shane0556 Kim&Shane0609
Kim&Shane0657 Kim&Shane0657b Kim&Shane0708 Kim&Shane0910
Kim&Shane0950 Kim&Shane1001 Kim&Shane1133-Recovered
Kim&Shane1195 Kim&Shane1195b Kim&Shane1245


Elope, it’s the only way to get pictures like these. No stress. Fun. Romantic. Intimate. More stress free time to take loads of pictures in the perfect light. You can take long walks, explore the Italian coast till it gets too dark. Pictures like these take time and co operation.

I absolutely love the way these two dressed for their wedding, during the ceremony Monica was barefoot. James scattared the petals before her arrival. We wandered to the beach and stopped along the way to appreciate the coast. Just look at the way they look at each other!

MJ0001 MJ0002 MJ0003 MJ0004 MJ0006 MJ0007 MJ0010 MJ0012 MJ0013 MJ0014 MJ0015 MJ0016 MJ0017 MJ0018 MJ0021 MJ0022 MJ0026 MJ0029 MJ0032
MJ0034 MJ0035 MJ0037 MJ0038 MJ0039 MJ0040 MJ0041 MJ0042 MJ0043 MJ0044 MJ0048 MJ0049 MJ0052 MJ0053 MJ0055 MJ0056 MJ0060 MJ0061 MJ0063 MJ0065 MJ0066 MJ0068 MJ0069 MJ0071 MJ0072 MJ0075 MJ0076


Elegant vintage, lace & pearls detailed Laura & Adam’s classical wedding. With an intimate  civil ceremony celebrated in the San Francesco Cloisters, Sorrento & dinner at the marvellous Mediterranean styled villa – Relais Blu, they romanced the evening away with bursts of light rays and the Isle of Capri spoiling the backdrop.

Wedding styled and planned by Bella Sposa – Sorrento – Cheryl Pagano


Cathy & Frank married in Dallas, Texas in 2013 & whilst they loved their wedding photos, they wanted more photos that were more reflective of their style. For many, the hustle and bustle of a whirlwind wedding day often never allows time for such photos and Wedding Anniversary shoots are fast becoming the perfect way to complete your wedding photography story.


Natalie & Jamie travelled all the way from New Zealand to celebrate their spring wedding in the picturesque gardens of Hotel Caruso. Celebrations followed on through the romantic Ravello Piazza and on to Villa Eva for a marquee dinner at sunset.

Wedding design by: The Amalfi Experience www.theamalfiexperience.com


Eloping to the Amalfi Coast this year? Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, Positano, Maiori, Minori even Sorrento. JoAnne Dunn Photographers is offering a special ‘Elopement Wedding Photography Package’ for new 2015 Elopement couple bookings. For further info email info@joannedunn.it



This gorgeous Dutch couple got married last year, their wedding was shot by an exclusively reportage photographer. The bride was a little disappointed by the lack of portraits. So the groom decided to surprise Marjel by secretly hiring me to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary… she hadn’t seen my work and it was a delight creating something special for them.

Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0035 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0034 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0033 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0026 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0024 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0020 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0019 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0018

Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0079 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0072 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0043 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0042 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0038 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0016 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0006 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0004 Villa Cimbone_Honeymoon Photography_0001


“You never want to look in a mirror,” Lula said. “Men love mirrors. They look at themselves doing the deed and they see Rex the Wonder Horse. Women look at themselves and think they need to renew their membership at the gym.” Janet Evanovich, Seven Up

Women are completely different creatures to men. There are more women than there are men and we have a much earlier sell by date. The suggestions from the mass media and fashion world lead most women to believe they should really look like fourteen year olds. These and other social factors have created unrealistic aesthetic ideals, which have riddled most women with an infinity of complexes. Most men are at very least accepting of the way they look. If they are Italian and uglier than a mussel (Italian saying), they will still find a mirror irresistible.

Most women shred photographs of themselves. The most common thing I am told by a bride is that she is not photogenic. Even features men find attractive like a big bottom, can send many women into a tiring and endless spiral of self-hate.

I spent 20 years hating the way I Iooked. Which wasn’t really surprising considering that at 19 I weighed 98kg. I was told I would never change anything I did not know and accept first. Years later, I have lost all the weight but have many days where I feel like a hippo with PMS. I have taken to taking images of myself just then, when I feel fat and ugly. The remarkable thing is, I am never as fat or as ugly as I think I am. The really strange thing is, the better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to take care of yourself. Self-hate is an energy drainer.

I love the look on a woman’s face when she sees a picture of herself that she does not hate and maybe even likes a little. It’s become my obsession. Maybe because I know what it’s like to be crippled by the life threatening disease of self hate. Isn’t it strange how when we look in the mirror, what we see is completely tainted by our emotions and preconceived ideas and beliefs. But something magical happens with a photograph. Some how a photograph is far less tainted by our toxins of self-hate.

A wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in one’s life. It is also one of the most stressful. Being stressed is bad enough but having your photograph taken, when you are stressed and hate having your photograph taken can be pure torture. Brides tell me I look better in spontaneous images because I am un-photogenic and I hate the way I look in pictures. But the truth be told, the less photogenic and the more complexed you are, the more you will benefit from a little posing to hide the parts you don’t like.

This does not mean there will be non-spontaneous images. But rather that time should be made to shoot some flattering portraits. And there is no better person to do it with than a person who knows what it means to hate the way one looks. Men can never really understand this side to women. Men don’t realise that the very first thing a woman looks at when she sees an image of herself is if she is looking okay. Most girls don’t even expect beautiful, they are happy just to accept something that is not humiliating or devastating. What do I mean by devastating? Winged arms, double chins or cellulite. Equally terrifying are ridiculously embarrassing poses. Most men don’t notice these things and few are sensitive enough to make insecure female subjects at ease. (NOTICE I SAY MOST MEN).

Having lost 30 kg three times, I have gained a unique ability to make people feel at ease and more accepting of themselves. Passing on the light gives meaning to my work.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

complexes blog


I first met the Bazos family in Ravello in 2009, when Erin & Erich came to Villa Cimbrone for their incredible wedding. Three and a half years later, here I am, lucky to be with the family again, but this time they have flown me all the way to the middle of nowhere… to the British Virgin Islands for a romantic beach wedding. The lovely couple this time are Lindsay & Drew. Three planes and a boat ride and I am finally there for the amazing three day shoot including a Welcome dinner (YCCS Marina), Wedding Ceremony & Reception (Biras Creek Resort) & a Post Wedding Shoot, including some fabulous Bride and Groom underwater portraits.
Virgin Gorda  Wedding001 Virgin Gorda  Wedding003 Virgin Gorda  Wedding004 Virgin Gorda  Wedding005 Virgin Gorda  Wedding006 Virgin Gorda  Wedding007 Virgin Gorda  Wedding008 Virgin Gorda  Wedding009 Virgin Gorda  Wedding011 Virgin Gorda  Wedding012 Virgin Gorda  Wedding013 Virgin Gorda  Wedding017 Virgin Gorda  Wedding018 Virgin Gorda  Wedding024 Virgin Gorda  Wedding025 Virgin Gorda  Wedding026 Virgin Gorda  Wedding028 Virgin Gorda  Wedding029 Virgin Gorda  Wedding033 Virgin Gorda  Wedding034 Virgin Gorda  Wedding036 Virgin Gorda  Wedding038 Virgin Gorda  Wedding039 Virgin Gorda  Wedding043 Virgin Gorda  Wedding044 Virgin Gorda  Wedding046 Virgin Gorda  Wedding048 Virgin Gorda  Wedding050 Virgin Gorda  Wedding054 Virgin Gorda  Wedding055 Virgin Gorda  Wedding061 Virgin Gorda  Wedding062 Virgin Gorda  Wedding064 Virgin Gorda  Wedding065 Virgin Gorda  Wedding071 Virgin Gorda  Wedding072 Virgin Gorda  Wedding074 Virgin Gorda  Wedding077 Virgin Gorda  Wedding082 Virgin Gorda  Wedding085 Virgin Gorda  Wedding086 Virgin Gorda  Wedding088 Virgin Gorda  Wedding089



Villa Angelina sits on one of Sorrento’s most amazing cape heads. The ancient, private residence, covers more than 50 hectares of land and enjoys one of the most amazing views on the entire Sorrento Coast. The delightful panorama includes Vesuvius, Ischia and Capri & miles and miles of endless blue Mediterranean Sea. It is a surreal spot for wedding ceremonies and receptions, all on the one location.

Charlotte & Simeon hosted nearly 100 of their closet family and friends for their spectacular June wedding at Villa Angelina.

sorrento wedding 001



sorrento wedding 003


sorrento wedding 002sorrento wedding 004 sorrento wedding 006 sorrento wedding 008 sorrento wedding 014 sorrento wedding 015 sorrento wedding 016 sorrento wedding 020 sorrento wedding 022 sorrento wedding 023 sorrento wedding 024 sorrento wedding 025 sorrento wedding 026 sorrento wedding 028 sorrento wedding 032 sorrento wedding 034 sorrento wedding 035 sorrento wedding 037 sorrento wedding 041 sorrento wedding 042 sorrento wedding 043 sorrento wedding 047 sorrento wedding 048 sorrento wedding 050 sorrento wedding 049









JoAnne Dunn joins Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is a fabulous & extensive wedding site that was founded and designed in 2006 by 3 ex- photographers. Junebug brings together luxury wedding suppliers & professionals from all over the world & features some of the highest end weddings & photography.

JoAnne Dunn was invited to join Junebug in early 2011 & features on their hotlist of ‘world’s best photographers’. http://junebugweddings.com/best-wedding-photographers/Italy/Joanne-Dunn.aspx

JoAnne was also interviewed by co-founder Blair deLaubenfels in March and the ‘spotlight feature’ can be found on the Junebug site.

What is the first thing you look at when you look at a photograph?

When you look at a photograph of yourself, what is the very first thing you check? Be really honest with yourself and with me. If you are like me and most people, you will check that you look good. No matter how special the moment, you will not choose a photograph if you look bad. For example when you have a double chin or a side profile, if you do not like you nose. How many photographs of yourself have you thrown away because you did not like them? Most of those were taken spontaneously and if they were posed, they were badly posed. Correct?

I want to start a revolution. I would like you to reconsider the ideas you have about wedding photography. I know exactly what kind of pictures you will say you want for your wedding photography; natural and spontaneous. The ideas, which I will present to you over the next few pages, I know many of you will not like. Many will find my ideas scandalous. I am positive that I will horrify, irritate and even anger many of you. I ask you to listen with an open mind for the sake of your wedding photography. No other photographer in Italy, to my knowledge, is doing anything similar. The rest of the world is unfortunately ahead. It’s something completely new and the same way it took reportage a little time to catch on, I am sure one day this way of shooting will be as popular as reportage is today in Italy.

When I first started shooting weddings I only shot reportage images. Often brides were really disappointed with their portraits. At every wedding I beg the couples to let me do a few portraits and these always end up being the favourite images. ALWAYS! SO please read careful and logically consider what I am suggesting. Because if I can get you to understand my points;

Every person has and angle and light source that is both forgiving and flattering. Reportage or spontaneous photography is great but not flattering. To take a picture that makes you look your best you need to be posed. I am not talking about embarrassing and horrible poses from the eights. I am talking about fresh, free, exciting poses. Poses which don’t look posed taking inspiration from fashion photography. The aim of these poses are to make you look your best. They don’t take long and we have a huge amount of fun creating them.

Help your photographer to understand you better.

It is only natural that the better your photographer understands you and your wants, the better your photos will be. You can help your photographer to understand you in several ways…a few ideas to start with ..

1) Be available to meet with them before your big day for a coffee and a chat. This gives you key bonding time! Bonding is vitally important, after all you will be spending a lot of time together with your photographer on the most important day of your live.

2) Bombard them with information about yourselves. Your story, your tastes, your dreams, desires and fantasies. The more you talk about yourselves the more familiar your photographer will be with you.

3) Make a collection of personal photos that you love, or photos/poses that have caught your eye from fashion or bridal magazines. Ask also to see their portfolios and work examples. Show them which images, styles and poses that you like the best. This gives a great idea of your tastes and how you want your wedding images. Tell them what your must have pictures are.

4) Tell them about your complexes and pet hates. If a photographer knows in advance what you feel sensitive and shy about, they will know how to avoid and work around these.

5) Find them on Facebook and connect your profiles. The information on your profile will tell your photographer a lot about who you are.

Often the assistants take the best images

It often happens that I will be stuck upon the alter during the rings with the strictest priest known to the Vatican and someone in the front row will begin to sob. I can’t move unless I want to donate my liver to the priest for his dinner. So I have to do what a good team player does and pass the ball. With a quick flick of my eye, my assistant will realise that their job depends on  pouncing on the moment. The result, they get to shoot all the juicy bits, they wonder round happily hunting carefree without any responsibilities. Sometimes at the start of the day I will give them a brief framework but mostly they are a happy go lucky tribe who have it way to good.


In twenty years from now

Your wedding photography will increase its value as the years pass. Many women and  brides are not happy about the way they look. When brides cry out that they are hideous, I tell them that I promise that in twenty years from now they will not feel the same way. Just think of yourself twenty years ago, no doubt you think you were beautiful then. It’s youth, it’s only once it’s gone that we realise how beautiful it was and how we just did not appreciate it. So for the person you will be in twenty years time, take the time to take some portraits on your wedding day, to remember how beautiful you were.


Changing who we are and retouching

If you ask us to completely change the way you look in your wedding pictures, you better be prepared for a long debate. It is my opinion that it will be very sad to completely change the way you look. One day, when you look back at those pictures of “you”, you will wonder what you really looked like and you will have no record of who you were. I am not talking about teeth whitening, skin clearing or wing clipping, I am talking about short, dark, overweight girls who want to be tall, fair and skinny. While this can sometimes be difficult (especially when they are marrying a tall, fair, skinny guy) it’s not impossible with Photoshop. But how sad if the only real element of you in the portrait will be your insecurities.



A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part six

Crudely put, if a photographer is suspiciously cheap and busy, it’s because there is a crisis on. Good photographers are never cheap, unless they are just starting out. Like five star hotels anywhere in the world charge more or less  the same fees, it can be said that you can judge a photographer by their fees. If they are charging a lot and you can’t get a booking, you can bet your last euro that they will be worth the money. It stands to logic, especially when there is a financial crisis on the go.



A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part five

The financial crisis and the growing supply of new wedding photographers have had a huge effect on the wedding photography market. They have divided the wedding photographers into two distinct groups; wedding photographers who can charge what ever they like because they had so many requests and limit the amount of weddings they accept. Then there are those wedding photographers who have to offer special deals to “catch” clients.
The later try to do as many weddings as they can by charging ridiculously low fees. This is to their detriment and to the detriment of their clients. They don’t have time or capital to improve their skills, equipment, knowledge or services. Their systems are factory-like and the images all look much the same. They take little time to understand the wishes of their clients and are not terribly concerned with the quality of the end product.


A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part four

All of a sudden everybody who worked in the wedding industry realised wedding photography was the place to be. Everybody who ever had the vaguest interest in wedding photography bought a camera and started shooting weddings. I even know a waiter who decided it was time to open a photography studio on the Amalfi coast. These new photographers charge ridiculously low prices to make up for their lack of experience. Have you ever been caught by those signs outside restaurants in Venice, “Tourist Menu?” If you have, you will know they offer you a five course meal for five euro. And how do you think that meal will taste?

Then came the economic crisis and well the party was closed down. The bandwagon broke from being over loaded with photographers.


A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part three

So where were we? Right wedding photography had become trendy. But something was missing. Sometimes weddings were, well, a little boring and there were not that many earth shattering moments.

Then Jerry Ghionis arrives on the scene, claiming to be tired of waiting for the action to happen and preferring to go out and make magic happen. He declares his main mission was to make his clients beautiful, a highly unpopular opinion according to the moment worshippers.

His work also includes reportage images but his focus is once again on the portrait side of wedding photography. And although he has this in common with the cheesy wedding photographers from the eighties, the similarities stop there. His work is fresh and exciting. Finally a breath of fresh air for wedding photography which had been so concentrated  on being natural and obeying rules that it had gotten way too serious and rigid.



A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part two

After Joe Buissink revolutionised the whole wedding world, we all jumped on a very comfortable bandwagon. All of a sudden wedding photography was not so frowned upon, mostly because it was so lucrative. Everybody did and everybody wanted only reportage.

Crazy women all over the world were paying ridiculous amounts of money to have the photographer of their choice shoot their wedding, even if it meant flying them in. The destination-wedding photographer was born. Brides began saying things like, “from the minute I saw their pictures I knew they were the one, and I could have no one else”. Brides began to select their wedding photographers as carefully as they selected their husbands. Wedding photography became a priority for the wedding budget. And many destination-wedding photographers still lead the life of rock stars; flying all over the world to  party and make huge amounts of cash at the same time.

A very subjective and overly simplified summary of the evolution of wedding photography – part one

Not too long ago wedding photography was absolutely the most uncool and lowly photography career you could ever choose. Many photography students have sworn on their dog’s grave never to stoop to such levels. I am one such student who now has to eat her words.

Thanks to the great Joe Buissink, all that has now changed. Twelve years ago Joe Buissink showed the wedding world a new freer approach to wedding photography. The man took exception to being paid less than what was paid for the cake since the photography was the only investment, which lasts past the wedding day. He introduced the world to reportage and gave little thought to traditional rules of wedding photography. He was willing to pay the price of grain for the beauty of the moment and natural light. He focused on the moment but not being a purist he also shot portraits. For the first time wedding portraits were influenced by both fine art and fashion photography. He is rumoured to charge ten thousand dollars just to pitch and then all orders are extras. Joe Buissink forever changed the lives of wedding photographers the world.



Wedding Photography in Italy – part two

Australian and American wedding photographers are exploring all sorts of new ways to go best canadian pharmacy to buy viagra about wedding photography. Some of the best reportage wedding photographers in the world come from Italy. Italian photographers are masters of technique but they are generic viagra from canada a little resistant to change and new ideas. We are yet is it legal to bye viagra from canada to see new and original ideas that push the boundaries a bit. Hang in there they are coming soon to an Italian Wedding Photographer near you.

If I have offended generic version of xenical any Italian wedding photographer, I apologise and humbly request you have a look at the winning pictures on the “International Society for Professional Wedding Photographers”. Then I hope you will feel stimulated instead of irritated. And you will note there are a few Italians among them, though always doing reportage.


Wedding Photography in Italy – part one

Firstly lowest-price propecia costs us I want to make it quite clear that Italian wedding photographers are the best in the world. The below, in no way disputes this fact, I know what a touchy bunch artists are. All clear? Good. (Please don’t slash my car tyres.)

I hate to say it, viagra new york but during the eighties and nineties wedding photography in Italy was really scary or at best, embarrassing. You can see the after effects of the torture inflicted in online order xenical the eyes of young Italian couples. “PLEASE, no posing,” they beg. So naturally everybody flung themselves onto the other side of the scales. Reportage is the only style most Italian photographers and clients want to see. There are very few who are mixing reportage with fashion and portraiture canadian pharmacies that sell pfizer viagra photography.


What makes JoAnne Dunn Photographers Different?

They treat each wedding they way they would treat a commercial assignment. We seek direction from the client and do not limit ourselves to only one style of photography. The couple are sent a form about a week before their wedding. This will be their brief to us describing their vision and fancies.  Each wedding is approached individually to make sure the results are as individual as our clients. After the wedding we send you around nine hundred great pictures to choose from. You send us your choices and we create your album. We then put the album on line for you to approve. The clients are involved in the creative process and their album creation from beginning to the end. JoAnne Dunn Photographer’s are different because they understand their clients are all different and want different things. We are different because we put your vision before our own.


The Relationship between the photographer and her subject

The relationship the photographer has with their subject will hugely influence the results of the shoot. Basically if your photographer can’t bear you, then their pictures will reflect that. This can be used to your advantage, taking the time to bond  with your photographer before or on the day will radically improve your pictures. Never choose someone who you feel you can’t trust. Trust is vital if you are to be yourself in front of the lense. Because you will need to let your photographer into your world and because you will need to follow their suggestions, you will need to trust them. So it’s a two way street, you have to also really like and trust your photographer to get great pictures.

Capturing Romance without being cheesy – part two

Every couple is different and some need very little posing. But for example a bride with a huge nose cannot expect not to be posed AND have no profile pictures. It makes me smile when brides request no posing AND no profile pictures.

By showing me pictures before your wedding of what you like, you make it much easier for me to make you happy. It also helps you to clarify, for yourself what you like in terms of images, posing and style. So many brides say they want reportage but when I ask them which weddings they like most on my website they prefer the ones where there is lots of posing.


Capturing Romance without being cheesy – part one

My instructions to a couple when we begin their portraits is to try and ignore us. The more you are focusing on the feelings between the two of you the better the pictures will be. Sure there are couples who freeze like rabbits staring into headlights and those I have to help along. I find a little liquor helps, especially the boys.

I also find a few laughs and giggles work. Once again we can see how important it is that you really like and get on with your photographer. Nothing worse that not sharing the sense of humour of your photographer and cringing every time they open their mouths.

Creativity – the special zone

Creativity is such a mysterious and sacred thing. A little like a butterfly if you try to hold or control it, you will most likely damage or destroy it. Only when you sit calmly, will it come and rest quietly on your shoulder. Creativity is the act of play. Children are so good at creativity because they are not usually victims of worry and high expectations. They live in the moment. Not thinking how things should be but rather rejoicing in how things are. The number one ingredient is learning to live in the present. Spending your time in your past or future completely ruins the creative process. You need to be present to be creative.

A feeling of complicity and mutual respect between all participants is also essential when embarking on a creative journey. Without trust you are going no where. For example sometimes creativity requires being silly or having the freedom to cry. Creativity is so self revealing, intimate, free, risky and down right scary. How on earth could one even imagine taking part if you do not trust all the people involved. Often it is much easier to shoot artists and creatives because they understand the process and know they have to let me in. Creatives would have already decided if I

would be the kind of person they could “play” with. Because creativity is the act of play. All the most interesting pictures come from people willing the play. And have fun doing so.

Reportage Revealed

(I know I am harping on a bit here but I need to get this point across load and clear.)

Candid or reportage wedding photography is what every bride thinks she want for her wedding photography. Ninety nine percent of all couples, especially the men tell me they do not want to be posed. But after years of shooting weddings it’s my job to point out that they may not know all the facts.

Reportage is great but it’s not flattering. Often what wins a wedding reportage photography competition is not an image that a bride would put in her album. One fact I am sure of is that all couples want to look good in their wedding album. If they admit it or not. What they all have in common is they do not want to look silly. Due to the torture inflicted on clients by 80’s wedding photographers, posing has become synonymous with the word silly.

So let’s see what brides really want. The want to capture all the special moments while always looking their best. If you only request reportage photography, although the picture will be natural and emotional, in many you will not look you best.


Real hardcore reportage

Nearly all brides say I want reportage images with as much discretion possible. Then they hand me a list of thirty groups they want taken. I bamboozle them into having a few portraits and they end up being their favourite images. Reportage is great, I love it but it’s not enough. Did you know real reportage does not include details, landscapes or portraits? Couples often spent very little time together on their wedding day, so it becomes almost impossible to take good portraits of the two of you without a little direction.

And be honest, we all want to look good on our wedding day. To look your best you need to do a little… dare I say it again… posing? See previous blogs for more on posing.


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Lighting the dance floor

There is nothing that improves dancing pictures more than disco lights, other than alcohol that is. The more lights and colours the better the pictures will be. Smoke machines, remember those, make for great atmosphere and even better pictures. One of my all time favourite after parties had one of those thoroughly terrific eighties disco dance floors. Mirror balls and ultra-violet lights all help with that party vibe. Basically the more lights and colours, the better the pictures and ultimately the party


Recipe for a perfect wedding album

Very impresive with fast order process and delivery. Order viagra canada? Generic drugs that do so should have the same therapeutic effect and therefore the same benefits as their brand-name counterparts, but at less cost.

60 reportage photos
10 group or formal portraits
1 collage of landscape images (6 or 12 images in the collage)
10 individual portraits of bride and groom (5 each)
1 or 2 collages of details images
15 couple portraits

Leave a little room for the unexpected. For a truly sensational album make sure your photographer is “hot” and will let you participate in the creation of your album.

A Message to Guests – the case of the poor wedding photographer

Now we all hate wedding photographers. They are a pain on the day, bossing everybody around and telling cheesey jokes. They are often funny looking and nerdish and generally not considered fun. We do however want to see good pictures after we have not allowed them to photograph us.

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I would like to build a case for the poor wedding photographer right around the world. Wedding photography is one of the hardest forms of photography. Your subjects are often not modesl, stressed, unco and uncooperative. You have very limited time and that is nearly always made even less on the day because clients run late. Guests with cameras often get in the way, the priest does not want to see you, it rains, you have to cover for the planner, they forget to feed and water you… you are expected to get result like images in magazines, images which require hours of work, you are expected to accomplish in half an hour.

Great product and good special price. Cialis for women? All the medications one can see in our product lists are generic.

So I know we don’t feel like it on the day or maybe you just feel like you don’t look good in pictures. Non of us like the way we look in pictures. But believe me in twenty years time you will think you look fabulous. The photographer is not trying to take your picture and sell in on the black market. No they want to do their job as best they can in very limited time. So if you are mean or impatient with a photographer you will probably get your wish and not be photographed, but on behalf of the you that will exist in twenty years time. “Give us all a break!”

My Favourite colour schemes

  1. From Lavender to Deep Purple.
  2. Beiges and Creams with touches of Black.
  3. A multitude of crazy colours but having a theme, all pastels, all darks or shade of pink.
  4. Shocking Pink with Baby Pink.
  5. Greens and Whites are pretty
  6. Yellows, I hate to say it, they have crept into my heart, especially bright and pastel yellow
  7. Never been much of a fun of Reds for weddings unless the bride wears Red shoe
  8. I love Black and Cream, bridesmaids dresses are so stylish in Black

Withdrawing a little of what I said

SO if you are a crazy girl in white and you have been following my blog. You will know how I harp on and on about not being too tanned on your wedding day. The reason being that the camera shows up the uneven skin tone which tanning causes and robs faces of their features. But this season I would like to withdraw some of what I said. And I do this cautiously ladies… but there are people who can get away with tanning. And I repeat SOME people.

Complex control – a big nose

This must be the biggest request I ever get, “I am begging you, no profile pictures”. How sad that our society has so limited our concept of beauty.

Have some portraits done where a perfect pose can be found to minimize the size of your nose. If you just have only reportage images there will loads of profile images.

Looking at the camera

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a portrait look natural is to have the subject not looking at the camera. The best is to completely ignore your photographer, unless asked to do otherwise. This does not mean you have to turn your back on them, but by not making eye contact with the lens you will help create natural images.

The video production and editing

Our videos usually play between 30 and 40 minutes after they have been edited. Most clients ask us to keep them to this length, as they don’t want them too long. But if you want it to be longer, say one hour, you can just let us know. You are also given all the original footage on small cassettes. A nice little touch is that you are also able to select the music you want playing in the background – why not choose your favourite songs?

What does ‘touching up’ photos mean?

When I touch up an image I use a computer program to bring out the best in a photo. I may make a number of alterations, from covering up any skin blemishes or imperfections to improving the light and enhancing the colours, for example bringing out the blue in someone’s eyes. This is done very subtly so that you would never know the image had been altered unless you had seen the original photo.

Why digital?

I haven’t used film since 1999 and I will never go back for the reasons listed below:
I don’t have to limit the amount of photographs I take – I usually shoot around 1000 shots per wedding. This increases the chance of getting great pictures.
I can change the light sensitivity, colours, etc. in the blink of an eye. This gives me absolute freedom to read the situation and adapt. I don’t have to stop and change film every time I want to swap from colour to black and white, or every time the light conditions change (e.g. walking out of a dark church into the blazing sun). It also means that I never miss a shot, since I can shoot hundreds of photos one after the other before needing to change memory cards.

I can immediately check that the image came out well.
The quality is just the same as film (and, I have to say, in some cases much better).
It allows me to work on the pictures afterwards, so I can take away that untimely spot, add subtle colour effects, etc – perfecting them just as if they were to be published in glossy magazines. This gives me an edge over traditional film photography, as the only way to touch up photos shot from film is to scan each image first, which results in a loss of quality.

With digital, there are very few ways you can loose the images. With film, that list is endless: a bad batch of film, the film doesn’t load, the film gets fogged, the lab messes up development, the film gets scratched or dusty… I just find using film much too risky for such a special day, and since I am responsible, it’s my job to minimise such risks.

Images to capture after sunset

First the entrance into the dinning room is great and it makes it all the more fun if you are announced. Then we usually shoot a few ambient shots, the first course and you two at your table. We then back off, nobody looks sexy eating… unless you are Kim Basinger. But the rest of us mortal are not sexy and this gives us a chance to down load and check if “tutto aposto” (if everything is in position.)

Then there are the speeches and first dance, which we recommend you do before the meal or after the starter. It will be so much prettier with the sunset in the windows or a dark blue sky instead of a black one. Recently a gorgeous couple I shot especially learnt to tango for their first dance and adored sparkling outfits. It was a great start to the reception and naturally made for great images.

Lastly there is dancing, cake cutting, bouquet and garter throwing. One easy trick which really helps with dancing photographs. Most people turn their back when a photographer wants to shoot them dancing. If you start showing off or dancing for the camera you will be shocked to see just how quickly and enthusiastically your guests copy you. And it will make for FANTASTIC pictures. Just take a look at the pictures from “Suzie & Craig’s” wedding on my website.


A rigid schedule

One of the things I love about working at “Villa Eva” (Ravello) is that the staff and chef are very flexible. They honour the importance of the photographs by being super flexible. They ask me to be part of deciding the perfect time on the day, just so that I can catch that gorgeous dusk light. And the group photographs shot there are always lovely, all thanks to the staff of Villa Eva.

Most hotels insist on a very strict schedule and this is often detrimental to the photographs. The best pictures are often taken before sunset and so a wise photographer really wants to use all those last few seconds of day light. That doesn’t mean we can’t get great pictures when the sun goes down, it just means that groups are much prettier in natural light and so are most portraits. There are of course always exceptions. 😉


Time to work

The best images on my website are the best because I was given time to work. The more time I am given, the better the pictures will be. It’s simple, the more one shoots the better the odds of great images. This does not mean that you have to take the biggest package but rather that you give your photographer at least 30 to 40 minutes to do portraits and half an hour to do groups. It’s just not possible in any less.

If you want images that look like they belong in fashion magazine 30 minutes is the minimum time you can expect to invest. Often things run late, and then I have to do all the groups and portraits in ten minutes. So I rush everyone about, end up being late, the guests and chef hate me and the bride would like to know why her pictures don’t look like “Amanda and Dylan’s”. Well Amanda and Dylan gave me literally 6 hours to shoot their portraits. Exaggeration? Perhaps but the photographs rock.

Making cake cutting images less boring

If you are cutting your wedding cake outside you might like to consider a small canopy over you and your cake. This will give the photographer something to bounce the cake off (well bounce the light off anyway). Another great idea is a net or tent hanging around the cake. I have also seen gorgeous smoky images from smoke machines or dry ice. A sea of candles can completely eliminate the use of the nasty flash. What about clouds of fairy lights? Especially if you are outside they can be hang on the shrubs behind you. A bright light place behind you on ground level will also give a fabulous effect especially when used with flash.

When will we bring in a little extra lighting?

If you know you are going to have quite a few very long speeches you need to let us know. Or if the speeches will be in a very dark place. In both these situations we would bring along a small video light to help guarantee the quality of the video images. Low light can create a lot of grain. If it rains we might also bring in a little video light for the photography during portraits and groups. A cake cutting outside maybe beautiful for the human eye but the cameras often need a little help.

Good lighting at your venue

May seem like a strange thing to consider when choosing a wedding venue. But one would be surprised to discover the difference a little ambient lighting can make. Photography is all about light and if you want great pictures you need to consider the lighting. So a venue which makes use of good natural light with huge windows or compensates for the lack of natural light with gorgeous artificial light, is an important consideration. Sometimes (and especially for video) we will be forced to add a little of our own lighting.

We adore first dance and speeches against windows or doorways with the sunset. This is not always possible but by doing both before the dinner begins, means you can almost certainly get some great skies through glass windows and doors. If you are going to use candles as a major part of your lighting, at least double what you think you need. When it comes to candles and photography, you can never have enough candles. And there can be nothing more mystic and romantic than hundreds of candles.

Why is wedding photography the most important investment you will make on your wedding day?

It will be the only thing that is left. All the time and planning and money spent will be a waste if the pictures do not tell your story. Two thousand euro badly spent is far more expensive than four thousand well spent. Wedding photography is a little life face cream, you have to get the best you can afford. The importance of wedding photography cannot be stressed enough and the true value of your wedding album will only really be apparent twenty years from now.


Digital Retouching

Before & After

Ever been disappointed with how you look in photographs? Perhaps your skin has a tendency to look shiny and you hate the bags under your eyes.
Or perhaps it your body that makes you feel self-conscious in front of the camera. So what if you could ban your potbelly, the loose skin on your upper arms and that birthmark on your back from attending your wedding?
At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we can fix all the little things that bug you about your appearance—that untimely spot, the bump on your nose, even the extra padding around your waist. Using modern technology we’ll give you all the advantages supermodels have been enjoying for years in glossy magazines.
Don’t worry; you will still look like yourself after we’re done. The re-touching will be done carefully, so as to not change your personal beauty. You won’t even see the changes, unless you have the original photo to compare with.
This is how it works: After your wedding, each image is selected and analysed by various computer programmes to highlight the areas we can improve. In some images, we will subtly suggest the mood of the day. We will go over every image to bring back the sparkle and achieve a fine art look to the images.
You will have these photographs to treasure forever, so you deserve them to perfect. Just tell us what you want, and we promise to blow you away.
Some more examples of what we can do using digital re-touching:
– We can remove eyesores that might be in the way of the perfect view (e.g. wire lines, shadows, cranes, or pillars)
– Using Photoshop we can magic away dirty marks on your suit, an unexpected pimple or those nasty summer mosquito bites.
– It is impossible for anyone to have a great smile, with open eyes and perfect positioning in every picture. We can make small enhancements to correct imperfections, like whitening teeth or slimming flabby arms.
– We can slim you down and add a little glow to your skin. We can gently make a large nose seem a little less so without changing it so much that no one will recognise you.
– Sometimes, there will be people in lovely couple or family shots that shouldn’t be there (like your brothers ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a psycho). We can play with your photos and remove these ‘extra’ people.The list is endless, so it would be better to show you some examples. In this section of the website we have a few photographs of models. The pictures explain the value of touching up.

Our philosophy

Your special day, your way

At Joanne Dunn Photography, we know that every wedding is unique. Some brides may have poured over fashion editorials and would love an album done in a similar style. Others want to be disturbed as little as possible. Most couples have parents who hope for something a little classical. As a team, we can offer you a service that suits you and will do our best to keep everybody happy with the minimum of fuss. JoAnne Dunn photographers have commercial experience from journalism to fashion. They tackle each wedding the way they would any commercial assignment. Each photographer familiarises themselves with your brief, which in turn helps them to understand your desires and needs. With your list of most important ingredients they have all they need to shoot your wedding the way you hoped. JoAnne and her husband Gianni are fluent in Italian and English, taking the stress out of photography logistics if you are an English-speaking party celebrating your marriage in Italy. The less to worry about, the better! After all, everyone wants is a stress free day to treasure forever.

Capturing those delicious moments, forever

Your wedding is one of the most treasured and special events in your life, filled with emotional, meaningful and candid moments. Yet this day often slips by so quickly it can seem like a blur. Professional wedding photography can help keep the memories fresh and allow you to travel back, at any time, to the magic of that day. It can even capture the moments you missed. At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we will: Treat each wedding as a unique commission tailored to your unique desires and needs. Capture the spontaneity, emotion and detail of your wedding using a mixture of reportage photography and portrait style. Work quickly and unobtrusively to allow you to enjoy your day. Use modern, top of the range digital retouching to bring out the best in your photographs. Bind your most treasured memories into a luxury album that, one day, you can show your grandchildren.

Joanne Dunn

Timefull Classics

Clients often tell us that they want timeless photographs. What a strange thing to request! Washing away unique time stamp images, only makes the photos weak tools for bringing back memories.

At JoAnne Dunn Photography we aim to produce ‘timefull’ images that evoke memories and capture what the people in them were like when they were taken. Photos that tell a story about the time, the location and the love shared by the wedding couple.

We know that when people ask for timeless photos, they really mean classic. But classic wedding images need not be cheesy or embarrassing, or detached from the ‘time fullness’ of your wedding day. We prefer to define a classic wedding image as a little quieter but stylish with a hint of romance. Although we still take a relaxed and natural approach to posing we may request you to kiss, or walk through a gorgeous puddle of sunshine.

Joanne Dunn

Reportage’ or ‘Photojournalistic’ Wedding photography explained.

Reportage or ‘candid’ wedding photography has become hugely popular over the past ten years. It is a natural and modern photography style, whereby the photographer depicts the whole wedding as it unfolds, with minimal interference or scene manipulation.

The only rule of reportage photography is to expect the unexpected. This allows the photographer to catch the dynamic nature of a wedding—the constantly changing light, settings and events. Nothing will be missed with this intimate account of your day.

Because of its spontaneous nature, reportage photography is best shot in natural light—to the ‘purist’, even using a flash means overstepping the bounds of the genre. Many photographers also shoot their reportage images in black and white, as it can give better results in changing, or difficult light.

At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we will use whatever technique necessary to get the pictures looking amazing. In our experience, the most gorgeous reportage photos are usually shot in the moments before sunset. After that we have to get creative with flashes and tripods. We also offer to touch up your reportage images to make sure they have that magical glow you remember from the moment in which they were captured. SO because our number one goal is making you look good, we are not reportage purists.

JoAnne Dunn

Cape Town Fashion Scene Rocks

Shooting In Llundudno, Cape Town South Africa – January 2009

A gorgeous venue, a beautiful location and great team in place. Our shoot was ready. Cape Town has to be one of the easiest places in the world to organise a fashion shoot. With just a few emails everything can be arranged. That is if you are lucky enough to choose the right people.The evening of the shoot my Canon’s batteries decided they needed to be calibrated and well that takes twelve hours. Then they have to be charged which takes another ten. So they were not ready by the morning. One call to PhotoHire and batteries were delivered along with all the other equipment in Llundudno. Bascially these guys rock!

A special thanks goes out to Kim our stylist. She pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Other than being reassuringly calm and enthusiastic, she is purely brilliant at what she does. It is hardly surprising that she is one of the most sought after stylists in the Cape Town fashion world.

To everybody from Jade (make up and hair), to my three (yes three) faithful assistants, to the models, THANK YOU. You guys were amazing. I could not have done any of it without you.

I do have to have one little moan. Only because fair is fair. Whilst I know that it was not “Amazing Spaces’’ fault, but they cancelled my first choice, paid in full, contract signed, booked venue, a short three working days before the shoot. The money I had paid and contract I had signed was apparently worthless, because the Prince of Monaco was extending his stay. I considered hiring a lawyer and teaching everybody how to ‘play fair’, but since my clients include royalty (Tuscan and Belgium) and these guys all hang out together, I decided not to give myself a bad wrap. Lisa at Amazing Spaces fought a war for me, but lost against the owner of the house. Who claimed “How can I kick them out?.. They are royalty..”

So I would like to help out and answer his question;

“Dear owner of “Mwanzoleo “,73 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay,

Tell the prince that a big footed, hairy, rather insignificant wedding photographer has paid good money for THAT venue. She flew all the way from Italy (and is terrified of flying) to shoot in THAT venue. She may not be royalty, but she worked her buns off (literally) to earn every cent which went into paying for THAT venue (which cost more than she ever dreamed of earning in a month just seven short years ago). Tell him that he can stay in this amazing place again anytime he likes, but that she may never get another chance to shoot in this venue.

Lastly…on the off chance that the owner of 73 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay, reads this blog, I want to say in good faith, one good turn deserves another. And according to Karma he owes me a little favour. And with Royal friends he is in the position to return my favour of not causing a fuss. So, I leave it to him how to ‘return the favour sir.”

JoAnne Dunn