Phototherapy will change your life. For years I tore up pictures of myself, believing that I was one of the ugliest people on the planet. I stumbled upon this concept by an unfortunate set of circumstances but I can honestly say that my self-portraits have completely changed the way I see and feel about myself.

Phototherapy did what years of therapy couldn’t. Each part of the process is important to the healing process ignited by phototherapy. Even the preparation and the conclusion is part of the therapeutic value of this distinctly female concept.

Most women do not like the way they look because of the images they have seen in magazines. They compare their own images with professional fashion images, which have been posed and retouched. Phototherapy offers a person a chance to see themselves with all the advantages that a super model enjoys.

Phototherapy has also completely changed the way I shoot people. From the concept to the presentation. During this process I have acquired a new skill; hiding defects without the use of Photoshop. The more you use Photoshop in phototherapy the less the therapeutic value of the images.

There are few moments more gratifying in my life as seeing the relief and pleasure in a client’s face when they see a picture of themselves.

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