Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician Part seven

What to order? A few days before:

6.Eyelash extension

“What no mascara?!” I hear you gasp. For an extra sexy but surprisingly natural look, try eyelash extensions. They look six thousand times better than normal fake lashes. Eyelash extensions don’t lash very long but they look AMAZING. The last long enough for a party and a honeymoon, a girl doesn’t need them to last much longer than that.

7.Pedicure & Manicure

Please can you all stop with the porno star French Manicure. Please. A French mani can look cute if you don’t have those dangerously long nails porno stars insist on sporting. Personally I find such long nails completely unsuitable considering their line or work. Not that I would like to compare brides to porno stars. My point is that if it looks trashy on someone who is trying to look trashy, imagine what it looks like on a bride.

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