Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician – Part three

What to order?
Two weeks before:

2. Individual selected Body Wrap

Body wraps are great for working on cellulite, skin condition and for detoxing. Once again it’s important that your beautician helps you select one that satisfies your needs. If you have problem skin on your back, as few as two wraps or peelings can completely clear problem skin.

3. Lymphatic Drainage massage

My preference for this kind of massage is a Presso-massage. It involves getting into a space suit and basically it squeezes you like a tube of toothpaste. If you are already small you may find the suit can’t reach an adequate amount of pressure. It’s a wonderfully effective and relaxing massage. The Human version of the lymphatic drainage massage is good too but be sure you find someone strong, patient and informed.


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