Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Four: The Beautician – Part two

What to order?
1. Individual selected Facial

It’s best to make an appointment just to discuss what you will need. Everybody’s face is different and benefits from different kinds of products. It is important not to have your first facial too soon before your wedding. Usually one really starts to see the benefits of facials once you have had at least two. I recommend a deep cleanse and a nourishing facial for the first one. Do not be tempted to shape your eyebrows etc. You need all facial hair to be clear for the day of your wedding and so you need to do so just three or so days before your wedding. Bleach any stray hairs in the mean while to avoid embarrassment; personally I just don’t leave the house. (Please can someone make moustaches on woman fashionable – Please, we can’t seem to get rid of them).

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