Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan Strategy Three: Exercise – part six

Tricks to help you get into exercise C

5. Music
There is absolutely no way I can do any form of exercise without music. If my iPod is flat, I don’t work out. It’s also about the only chance I get to hear some really great music. It’s so easy to hear and purchase individual songs from the Internet.

6.Spending money on exercising

Guilt has been our chain and shackles for years. For the first time guilt can be used to one’s advantage. Not sure about you but I hate wasting money. If I spend money on new sexy exercise gear, a gym contract and a fab baby blue gym bag, I am more likely to go to gym. I just can’t bear letting the money go to waste. Strange how I don’t see it as my body going to waste or if I do, I really do not seem to care.

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