Bridal Beauty Emergency Plan – The Introduction

You have suddenly realised you are getting married in two weeks. Where have the last six months gone? You have been caught up in plans and no doubt neglected your beauty plan. Never mind let’s make use of what we have. The suggestions I have made may need to be toned down a little if you are very unfit. If you are more than ten kilograms overweight I recommend you see a doctor before you follow my “Bridal Beauty Plan”. Unfortunately like most things in life the more money you throw at the problem the better the outcome. However no high tech massage can ever compete with a dedicated run. Clearly if you wake up a little earlier than two weeks before your wedding all the better.

The plan is divided into different strategies, which each require dedication and determination. The results will be evident from the first day. Especially psychologically, since the exercise will instantly increase your endorphin levels. Although one may experience a light headache and a little tiredness from the detox, it will be short lived. Unless you have been bombing your body with toxins for years. For this reason I recommend starting the plan on a Saturday.

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