Choosing Flowers

  1. It is easy just to pick your favourite flowers as the flowers for your wedding, however there are a few other things to take into consideration. Don’t have your heart set on a type of flower, just because you have always loved it – some types of flowers were just never meant to be included in weddings!
  2. Something a lot of people forget to consider is the season that you are marrying in. Try and stick to flowers that are in the season of your location. Whilst there are alternatives (e.g importing), it becomes tricky and expensive.
  3. Go for types of flowers that last, and won’t droop immediately in heat. (your florist will be able to advise you
  4. Listen to your florist – it is their knowledge and expertise that you are paying for., and the good ones, know what will work best for your wedding style and taste
  5. Never fake them
  6. Think about your overall colour scheme of the day, and stick with flowers that suit these colours. Rather than choosing a large range of completely different flowers, by keeping to a theme, there will be consistency. For example flower themes for– bouquets, button holes, decorative and table setting arrangement
  7. Don’t mix and match florists for different items –eg pre order your bouquet online and then use a different florist for the decorations. Inconsistency will show
  8. Do a head count of people that will need flower pins on the day and order one extra just in case. (Groom, Groomsmen, Father & Mother of Bride and Groom and others that you wish to play a special part in your day
  9. If you are or your Groom have flower allergies – try them close to your skin and nose before the big day!
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