Complex control – big ears

Big ears – another common complex for brides and grooms having their photo taken. There are several things that we can do to avoid those big sticky our ears, we all fear.

  1. The first is your hairstyle. Avoid all ‘up’ do’s and instead go with a nice, tidy hair down.
  2. Think about adding a hat (yes you grooms too!), or a big side flower in your hair, as a feature. A great cover and eye distracter.
  3. The best one for the boys – There are some great tricks your photographer can also use to help you. Go for side on profile pictures or 3/4 face on. By avoiding 100% face on, it will cut down the angles.
  4. Don’t wear stud earrings that stick to your ears. Instead consider long dangly earrings which will draw the attention away from your ears.
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