Considering Morning vs Afternoon….why afternoons can be better

  1. A relaxed bride and groom always makes for a better day for all. With an afternoon ceremony, you can take the morning to have a sleep in, a big walk and fresh air, and a decent breakfast.
  2. You can take your time getting ready, and will have no horrible early morning starts (which no-one really likes anyway!)
  3. You will enjoy the build up more during the morning (rather than being in a rush from 6am)..treasure you last few hours.
  4. With an afternoon ceremony, you give your guests more freedom and time to get themselves to your venue and organise parking. Allowing them to travel calmly will mean that everyone will already be on time and waiting for you at the ceremony venue!
  5. Afternoon sunlight is a lot more forgiving and gentle that harsh midmorning light. Your photographer will thank you for it, and your photographs will show the difference.
  6. Late afternoon is a also a lot cooler for you all, and there is more likelihood of a nice fresh breeze. No one wants to be a sweaty bride or groom
  7. One word….SUNSET!!
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