Ideas on ways to save without anyone noticing

1.Choosing the right flowers.

Orchids may be beautiful but since most are imported they are buy propecia 5mg online uk very expensive. By choosing flowers that are in season and indigenous, you will save heaps.

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2.Don’t buy bridal shoes

Like photography, anything labelled “Bridal”, it instantly get much more expensive. Choosing silver or glittery evening sandals can save you quite a bit. flights months ahead of time

If you book your flights months ahead of the actual date you want to travel, you can end up paying more for taxes than the actual flight especially when flying in Europe

4.have a destination wedding

They are great weeder, meaning you won’t have to invite half the people you would usually have to. Depending where you live it can be much cheaper too.

5.don’t waste money on nonsense

Seems simple enough but let me give you an example. Those disposable cameras take terrible pictures and are expensive. I often see brides who buy a selection of headpieces but to use only one. Let’s face it, us girls are good at focusing on the details and in doing so loose site of what kinds of investments will actually be worth something one day.

6. Don’t have sixteen bridesmaids

Traditionally it’s the bride who has to fit the bill for bridesmaids’ dresses. SO logically having four or five really makes things expensive. And if you shop for them at a nice shop like Monsoon you are likely to pay a lot less than you would at a Bridal boutique.

7. Don’t get married from end of May till mid September

Everything is more expensive during this time. Flights, hotels, and venues all increase price wise during peak season. You are far more likely to get discounts from service providers if you marry out of high season. Good photographers can sell Saturdays during those months four times over, it’s therefore unlikely they would offer you any kind of discount.

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