If I did my own makeup would that sound crazy?

Recently one of my favorite brides (yes I do have favorites), asked me the following question…

“I will even take some lessons to learn, my only fear is that apparently for the photos I have to wear makeup so I don’t shine. The problem is I don’t wear makeup ever, and I only go natural, so my fear is that if I do it myself I will look funny. I will get darker until the wedding so, is it important to invest in a makeup person?”

My reply to follow tomorrow, so stay tuned.
My recommendation would be to keep it light. I can fix anything picture wise with photoshop. I think lessons are a great idea. I would go to Mac or Bobby Brown and don’t over do the tan (which is worse for pictures than shine). Both Mac and Bobby Brown will have anti-shine powders, you can keep handy on the day. I like a bride who looks like she is wearing no make up but has accentuated her best features. Darling you are gorgeous, no dominant features to hide or bad skin. Lots of mascara and a little lip gloss would be fine for the pictures. And you can feel secure in knowing that anything not perfect I can fix afterwards…

If you do find one and decide to hire a make up artist make sure you insist on a trial first.

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