Informal Formals – Keeping Mum happy.

There is no way around it: If you don’t want to upset your parents, you will have to take some group photos. Guests hate doing them, but the truth is that even couples who swear they don’t want any group photographs are always sorry they didn’t do a few. After all—you don’t necessarily have to put them in your album!

There are ways of easing the pain of group photography. First, don’t request too many as this takes time and guests get frustrated with the wait. We also recommend nominating a bossy helper who knows everyone, and arm him or her with the (short) list of guests to be included. We also HIGHLY recommend that group photographs are done in daylight since this will make the people in them look much more attractive.

Clients often want group images to be taken in front of a panoramic view. We don’t recommend this since it means that you will see neither the people nor the view properly. However, with groups of three or less some exceptions can successfully be made. We prefer good lighting and a setting that enhances the arrangement of the group. If you want a photograph of all the guests, depending on how big the group is, stairs may be required.
It is very important to set aside enough time to do group photographs. The more groups you require, the more time we will need. Careful planning is required before your wedding. It is also useful to do the possible group images before the ceremony—for example, the bride with her family, or the groom with his family. This takes some pressure off the schedule after the ceremony.

Joanne Dunn

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