Organising your wedding abroad 5 quick tips

  1. Consider guest accommodation. The best option is to organise this through your wedding planner, and take advantage of group discounts. If you don’t have a wedding planner give a list of recommendations close to your venue with your invite, so guests know where to start looking.
  2. If you have free days – try and organise or suggest local group activities for your guests. (Boat trips, excursions and general sightseeing). This will help let all your guests get to know eachother, and create a great ‘on holiday’ group atmosphere
  3. Include local traditions or cultural symbols in your ceremony or reception, to tie the event to the location. It’s the little things that are memorable
  4. Always Always Always, research local ethics, rituals and cultural issues first
  5. Go over thoroughly with your planner, translator, interpreter, priest or celebrist your names and pronunciation. Make sure also that you can understand their accent, so that you familiarise yourselves with it.


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