Quick Ceremony tips

  1. Remember to kiss your Dad goodbye at the alter
  2. Try and memorise your vowels if possible
  3. Organise a microphone if your venue is in a wide open space, or a big church. Also if you know that you speak particularly quietly. Whilst it is more important that you can hear eachother, your family and friends also want to hear you.
  4. Face eachother – it is easy to face the priest or celebrist

When you are putting on the ring – take a deep breath first to calm nerves. It will go on – so don’t worry about fumbling and making a muck of it. Also try not to cover the ring with your hand – you will want a close up of this photo, but it will be impossible for your photographer if hands are over the top.

Ensure that your priest or celebrist knows your full names and pronouncation like the back of his/her hand. This can save embarrassing muddle ups.

Reserve seats for family members in the first two seating rows. This can be done cutely with nice name cards (e.g Father of Bride, Mother of Bride…etc etc)

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