Sample of a good schedule

This is for a wedding in June or July in Ravello. Held in the Cathedral.

3:00 Boys get ready at Cimbrone
3:30 Photographer shoots putting on of ties and sharing a toast. And some loose Tarentino style black and white groups and portraits.
4:00 Photographer leaves and boys go back in the pool – hair and make up starts
4:05 The photographer starts with the bride (also staying at Cimbrone)
5:00 The groom leaves with his friends and family to the piazza with a second photographer – shooting reportage
5:30 The bride can have a few portraits and groups with friends and family
6:15 Bride leaves for church
6.30 Church
7:30 Get out of church – a lot of kissing and a big group photo takes you at least half an hour often more
8:00 photographs of the two of you (we run ahead to Cimbrone -15 minutes to get to Cimbrone if you weren’t sensible with your dress and shoe choice or it could take an hour)
8:15 Guests make their way up to the Villa
8:30 Guest arrive
8:45 Final guest arrive and you join them and finally have a drink and snack
9:15 unfortunately now we need to do groups before it’s too dark and already boring pictures will be even worse. The bigger your list the longer it will take. So think- Do you really want to be doing loads of boring group shots when it’s cocktail hour and one of the best moments for reportage?
10:00 Dinner and speeches
11:00 Dancing and cake
12:00 Start of after party

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