Should I allow my guests to photograph?

It’s sad when one can’t take portraits of people in the church or at cocktail hour because they have camera’s in front of their faces. Often they shoot with those disposable cameras and the pictures won’t be that good anyway. Then you get the semi pros who have the same or better equipment than me that always manage to be between myself and the couple during important moments. They also often get furious if I politely ask them to move over. They upset the priest because they are not aware of how strict the Italian church is. Then the priest gets angry with me because they think the guy with the big gun must be with me. I work hard on my relationship with the priests because if you get a bad wrap they clamp down on one.

I have never had the courage to do what many other photographers do and ban all other shooters. However if you are buying all the pictures on dvd, there will be plenty of pictures of everyone and some really nice portraits of the guests. If you can ban cameras, at least in the church when you can blame the priest.

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