The Bomboniere Perspective

So in Italy there is the tradition of giving a small favour to your guests on their departure. These are often expensive, useless and seldom match the taste of all the guests. I think generosity brings happy fortune and I recommend a small donation to a worth while charity instead. The guest can be informed of your gift on their behalf with a small card accompanied by delicious Italian confetti. At the moment there are the most incredible flavours available like pear and cheese cake. Instead of adding to the world pollution problem you can spread a little love and gererosity.

Getting perspective on the whole subject of your wedding can only be good. Sometime we forget just how lucky and spoilt we are. We get upset about nonsense while life passes us by. Getting perspective and getting grateful will help you appreciate everything. Feel lucky, you are. So many people never find love, let alone someone who is prepared to promise forever. Get real and get happy.

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