The smoking bride and groom

I smoke but I personally try not to have photographs taken of me with a cigarette. It's quite ugly a bride and groom walking in the street with cigarettes in their hands. While one or two fun 1950's style smoking portraits can be done, I don't recommend smoking while you are having your picture taken. We can have ‘no shooting smoking breaks’ if you are a chain smoker. It’s not too difficult to go a few hours at a time without smoking.

I also recommend mini mints like tic tacs. Beware of gum especially if you are having video or mostly reportage photography. You will be horrified to know what we look like when we chew… And again smokers get red eyes, so have those drops ready.

It's also important to go for a teeth spring clean before your big day. You will take years off your appearance instantly. Be careful not to over bleach teeth since you will look like I have been over zealous with the touching up.

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