The worst mistakes you can make as a bride

1. Not having something warm to put on on your day (for just incase)
2. Not having a pair of chic slip ons for when your feet hurt
3. Getting drunk (I have seen some scary things – once a bride tried to get it on with my hubby because she was drunk, yes on her wedding day)
4. Taking tranquilizers and then thinking you can drink (you won’t remember a thing)
5. Asking a friend who drinks too much to be your maid of honour or best man (you have seen the movie – I have seen it in real life and it’s very embarrassing).
6. Over doing the tan.. especially if you man if very fair
7. Get drunk and stay up late the night before
8. Wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day
9. Forgetting to kiss your dad when he delivers you to your future husband – this is often a very hard and emotional moment for a parent. We only find out when we have our own children just how hard. I cringe when I see a sad dad being ignored and left without a proper farewell to the past.
10. Stressing about the small stuff and not living in the moment on this your special day
11. Not buying a white umbrella…it means it will rain
12. Being late – instead of being relaxed and enjoying your day, you will spend your day trying to catch up.
13.Organising your ceremony and reception venues in different locations. Try not to take a car on your wedding day, as soon as you and your guests have to travel time is wasted and people get tired, hot and stressed. (And car sick if you are marrying on the Amalfi coast)
14.Have a list of groups which exceeds seven or so groups. Your guests will hate you for it and your album will be full of dull pictures because you photographer was shooting boring groups while all the juicy stuff was going on in the good light.
15.Let your happiness depend on the perfection of the day. Nothing is ever perfect and you will only set yourself up for disaster if your mood depends on the sunshine.

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