Tips to ensure a bride’s comfort on her wedding day

1.The white umbrella

If you don’t buy a white umbrella, I promise you will need one. I am not a superstitious person but every time I bring an umbrella to a wedding it never rains. When I have forgotten, we have ended up being stuck with the most hideous umbrella’s imaginable.

2.Make sure you have something gorgeous to put on if it gets cold.

I could not count the times I have been to a wedding and the bride has the shakes from being cold. Often the passing of the stress of the preparations causes a strange kind of exhaustion and strangely this makes my lovely ladies in white feel the cold all the more. The English and Irish brides seem to suffer.

3.A pair of scissors

I promise you, you will need a pair of scissors on your wedding day. Just as you are running late, you will realise you urgently need a pair.


This may seem very obvious but some many brides feel sick or faint because they are too nervous to eat before the action begins. I highly recommend bananas; they give good energy and vitamins (some of which a good in combating anxiety).

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