What is hot?

Gloves: don’t even think about any gloves which go past your wrist. No chiffon or satin girls, unless the satin is brushed. Go for the classic and timeless look of Jackie O. The 1950’s look is going to be huge for a long time in wedding photography and styling. It’s clean and glamorous. It’s the new classic and rightly so. Think Channel and remember to keep it simple. Get the majority of your images shot in black and white. And you may consider a little hat and veil. Understated chic.

Much to my delight the 1920’s have made a come back. This look is delightful and fun. And naturally very sexy. The part I like the best would have to be the hairstyles. I love 1920’s waves and hair up in delicious organic shapes. Round toed shoes and long strings of pearls. Cleavage and sequence with dropped waste lines. And it’s almost always a good idea to make the men wear complimentary outfits, like tuxedoes. Deco jewellery is also exquisite.

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