What is out?

Pointy shoes are out and thank goodness for it. Round toes and peep toe shoes are in. Heels are in but if you can’t cope then keep some pretty sequence slippers handy. Darlings that’s what bridesmaids are for.

Shiny eye make up also simply won’t do. Unless you are a child bride and you are marrying at 17 don’t wear shiny shadows. Again there are exceptions but nearly everybody looks older and sillier and the camera doesn’t like it much either.

Long transparent gloves are ugly girls. So are big puffy skirts and bustiers don’t do anything for making us look skinny. Arms look bigger and even unfortunately even the skinniest of us all are prone to back fat.

A very long veil, I promise you, will only torment and torture you on the day. It will dust the town. Get hooked on the carpet as you walk down the aisle. People will stand on it and it will make you hot. Most brides spend hundreds on their veils, walk out the church and desperately ask me, “can I take this thing off now?”

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