What you need to ensure great wedding photographers

  1. Give your photographer plenty of time to work
  2. Do not be late, ever
  3. Make sure you like your photographer and they like you
  4. Have a clear idea about what you want with regards to your pictures
  5. Be as co-operative as you can with your photographer – after all they are just trying to do their job
  6. Do not behave badly – bridezillias are very hard to shoot
  7. Don’t have a list of more than around 12 group photographs – or you will be sorry and your guests will hate you
  8. Don’t get drunk the night before
  9. Everybody is more beautiful after a good nights sleep, that is why it’s called beauty sleep
  10. Make sure you eat during the day, there are never any good pictures when the bride passes out
  11. Hire a wedding planner, it takes away a lot of the stress

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